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  1. God bless. Condolences to his family ðŸ™ðŸ»
  2. Hope they work in for you. Invest in some telephone rings for next year mate. A lot of fanciers seem to Be of the opinion that if the owner can't be bothered to stamp or put an ID ring on why should they (the finder) bother to look after it or make any effort to find the owner etc.
  3. This sounds amazing. Hope it gets a lot of support and is a blue print for others to follow ðŸ‘
  4. Next you'll be telling us he was bred down from the lines of the old rubber cock Good flying fella
  5. I would go for that 100%
  6. Sounds like a good idea. Don’t see why people wouldn’t go for it. Less time in the basket can only be a good thing. Especially with races where the drive to racepoint would only be a few hours.
  7. You need to stop listening to people. There are many correct and different ways of doing things, but you doing a bit of this and a bit of that won't necessarily translate into a good system. Keep it simple, clean loft, clean water, good corn and you won't go far wrong mate. Focus on getting them home, don't worry about what others are doing. I have a club mate who will send over 200 pigeons tonight, so your not alone in sending against big teams mate. But your attitude is all wrong. You can't get angry at people for offering you advice, you need to learn to listen to everyone, but disregard most of it. People aren't leaving the sport because they get upset and angry about advice, it's because of the bloody raptor issue. Take your head out your ass, go back to basics and keep it simple. Routine is critical and don't change things just because you aren't at the top of the result sheet.
  8. And without blowing smoke up anyones ass I would rather have 6 young birds off Derek Hay then anyone else flying in Belgium, Holland, Poland or England
  9. Peters season has been 10/10. Roundo you obviously have top class pigeons. And can't be without them as your always advertising them. Why don't you join the fold again, this is the Golden era for Scottish pigeon racing. Without doubt the birdage and performances have put Scotland ahead on England & Wales. Yes we all suffer with the raptor bs, but the performances lately from Scottish flyers has never been more impressive. Get back in the driving seat lad andcompete with the phenomenal lofts flying into Scotland at the minute.
  10. Top performance and at the highest level too. Never had the pleasure of meeting you or your dad but pleased for you both. Will raise a glass to ya both tonight enjoy
  11. Needs a Bricon 4 or 6 field pad. If anyone has one for sale plz drop me a message. Cheers, Pete
  12. Good on you mate, enjoy it
  13. Top top flying as regular as clock work 10/10.
  14. Thanks lads. Best day of my life seeing her land from that distance. Always been a dream to time in from a long one but to get a result like that I’m on cloud 9. Can finally take my novice (dunce) cap off
  15. After a loft hoover for dust extraction. I know industrial wet & dry would be ideal - but they are really expensive. Any suggestions on any tried and tested cheaper alternatives? Cheers, Pete
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