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  1. Loft available open to offers contact tommy mcdonogh
  2. Congratulations on a fantastic sale the pigeons were in incredible condition... I'm sure the new owners will be delighted
  3. F is for section f which is anothe f up in the doo gem
  4. Wonder what side of the m8 the grasses stayed
  5. Aw tommy said was tell them tae f aff so geez peace andy yeez have moderated this site intae the ground which is a real shame because it was brilliant at one point
  6. There ye go more posts deleted.... proving my point....ye either want a forum for pigeon racing discussion or you don't
  7. Too heavily moderated now if its not warnings from basics its letters from the snfc thats why the site is quiet ppl scared to open their mouth Geordie here for the pilgrims
  8. Aw so noo he's in chapelhall it's awrite noo? Pure sums the game up what happened too him and the whole fed knows it.... certain ppl can spin it anyway they like...everyone knows what happened here
  9. Losses are shocking now I know we all say it's getting worse but its seriously getting worse now drastic action needs to happen.... I think Yb racing needs to start earlier...its too perilous with both percy and babies out the nest But to echo what Del says and not to be defeatist I think its over
  10. Was told it was 1st 12...top fleein Must be a record in burnbank
  11. Canny see me sending this week...same point next week so no point taking chances will make my own decision Friday
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