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  1. Ryan if this is true then the president has openly admitted he was aware of a covid compliment venue and it clearly states on the open sentence of his ballot letter it has not been possible to find a venue big enough to hold an AGM therefore misleading the members to force a postal ballot.
  2. Spot on when any president of an organisation starts to tell untruths to their members it is Time for them to resign and step down
  3. has not set their status

  4. Well done Ronnie two good doos there great resultðŸ‘
  5. Thanks for that I have 5 but quite close together so will try to see if they work ok new to Unikon ets I did phone Unikon for cost now £144 so hopefully save myself a fortune
  6. Does anyone know the cost of a Unikon pad booster or does anyone have one for sale if so pm me thanks
  7. We have two home now Fulton & Ritchie and in good condition well chuffed
  8. I heard Aberdeen Fed had a really bad race so how was that a good decision.
  9. Why is it that there is far to many pigeons not making it home from training and race points, surly it is not all down to predation, is it the new technologies, phone masts , satellite and tv or do we medicate to much in this modern era of pigeon racing or is it we are breeding to close to keep a pedigree line and we are breeding the natural homing ability out of our pigeons. Who knows?
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