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  1. R I P . Flew the outstanding hen Kingdom spirit .
  2. R I P. Basics own Gangster. . Top man. Great friend and a Gentleman.
  3. Young birds march hatched ready now from Van den bulcks x lambrechts. Van den bulkcks x leo hermans. Van den bulcks x patrick boekx and 2 kits Gaston vanden wouwers. Pm for details.
  4. Finding itt easy to work. I just put unread and topics in last 10 days on the filter and bring it all up no probs. Just using phone
  5. Anyone that has birds reported in Ireland message me for details of the lads brining birds over.
  6. STB

    Cal 50

    Well done Cal and Sadie.1st N 7th open Eastbourne
  7. After having major succesfull surgery on my pelvis last Sept I have had a setback where the bone grafts have niped my seatic nerve and having problems walking again. I have to have another opp in 6 to 8 weeks time to rectify the problem. I have just weaned 40 young birds on Monday from the Bulcks Lambrechts and Boekx stock birds. This is the first I have breed for racing for a long time. They are now all for sale at £40 each or £300 for 10. Inbox for Details.
  8. Well done Ally some commitment that.why would any club knock you back away up there.?
  9. STB


    Did bigda no move to mambodia a while back. About time he was invited back to ask him who he's appointing as the new Celik manager.
  10. Just to let members know Old Harry passed away today.
  11. Blue pied cock mealy pied hen 2019 July breed not been paired. Pm for price and more details
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