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  1. Cheers m8 I'm sure I will get used to it soon not good with internet things lol
  2. I'm just back on again after a couple of months with the new format to give it a try so hopefully I can get used to it soon lol hope all fanciers are keeping well and all the best in the coming season yours in sport
  3. Could admin remove me from the site as no longer wish to be a member thanks
  4. Can't get the Portal either don't want to leave this site but I use a phone and this is defo confusing
  5. This new thing is doing my nut in can't seem to get most things on my phone think I will just leave the site as was ok the way it was
  6. Started with 28 first young bird race lost 5 first race one 2nd race full returns both woolers sent 16 catterick this week lost 13 left with 9 but you iether chuck it or get on with it I only started back up from scratch last year with young birds and trying to build a team up so will just take a bit longer but I can't see the losses changing it will just get worse imo
  7. Nothing this morning iether from Lanarkshire race
  8. Thers a lot of empty lofts today never mind perches Andy all over it seems to unreal
  9. 1st polockus & feelie 2nd polockus & feelie Only 2 members went and sent 25 birds only 2 birds home at clock check Total disaster and wee only got another 1 back After clock check nothing today
  10. This isnt just down to bops no chance Imo I've 3/16 and all fit no way is it just bops thers other reasons wotever is stopping them from homing that's my opinion
  11. Cheers for birthday wishes guys appreciated
  12. It's a good laugh wee all need instead of all the f serious crap you get and arguments it's a nice change pmsl Nite guys
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