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  1. 1st T Houston vel 1383 2nd W gordan 1364 3rd B ward 1363 4th Polockus & feelie 1361 5th W gordan 1357 6th W gordan 1357 Well done T Houston
  2. I had your number but seem to have lost it if you could mail me cheers m8
  3. Hi m8 will take the 4 rows of 8 if you could manage to deliver to blantyre again for extra cost cheers
  4. Thers that many birds capable of doing it that's wots against us even in baskets never mind the sky sadly
  5. A big well done to Brian ward for topping the federation in this weeks wooler race superb m8
  6. Update from last weeks race w gordan won £5 nom polockus & feelie wins £5 nom this week
  7. 1st B ward vel 1772 2nd E Robin jnr 1656 3rd polockus &feelie 1628 4th THouston 1601 5th B ward 1571 6th polockus & feelie 1554 Well done Brian looks a good yin
  8. 1st polockus &feelie 1406 2nd a Morrison 1343 3rd w gordan 1336 4th T Houston 1328 5th w gordan 1314 6th polockus &feelie 1314 Well done all timers
  9. Blantyre club would like to welcome new members T McLaren E Robin J Paton W gordan J Murphy T Houston All the best to all members in the coming year ahead yours in sport
  10. Heartbreaking seeing that our birds have that many things against them its unbelievable hope you have the willpower to carry on mate with such devastation and wish you all the best as you deserve it
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