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  1. 22.7 via the a697 That’s what I found for distance wise by road
  2. They will be ok Probably 20 miles between Lauder and Coldstream
  3. Well done to all Great performance by a yearling
  4. Congratulations to all
  5. Ecky

    Snfc B Sect

    Great flying tam& Alan Well done lads
  6. Whu2018t-00153 blue flight cock Came in today at David white north middleton He has a red rubber over his life ring like snfc marking Days number is 07746-107112
  7. Ecky

    Found Bird

    John Get walkers or high flyers Eric owenson
  8. Sad news Rest in peace gary
  9. The meeting I think was today The rpra ,defra,Scottish gov,Welsh gov,daera,and apha All the information is in another site.
  10. Rpra racing inland in the uk commences on may1st
  11. R I P The duke of Edinburgh ,Prince Philip
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