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  1. Yea ken your spot on. I widne fancy some on here as race controllers as they hivney much of a clue .
  2. yea ken youl no be racing oan sunday weather is crap it's there tae se if you look
  3. Appleby in an east wind .madness .or desperate if you ask me.yea ken .there hisny been a good race fae there in years .
  4. Yea ken you should get a job in Westminster
  5. Yea ken you should be watching him Empty Heed lmao
  6. yea ken do yea no think it should be the same for the nationals then as it's just the same ,location,wind,dictate.dae away with the section prizes in the nationals then just fly for open prizes
  7. Yea ken lanarkshire has a big radius and with the prevailing west wind certin areas would dominate the results and make them look good so widnes gea you a true reflectin on the race in a fed wae a tight radius it would be better jmt
  8. Blaw your ane trumpet and it will blaw up in her face use ken who yea er

  9. Common sense gid post I wid go war it things have got Tae change as you say
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