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  1. When the mighty Lanarkshire fed last tried to fly the west coast route they never completed the program switched back across to the middle route or they would of had none left emergency meeting called mid season to change back saw the light hallelujah nobody saying it’s gonna be great good racing Is now a thing of the past but being the only fed in Scotland racing that way they take all the front running week after week Cumbrian feds always liberating after us each week clearing the way for them
  2. It’s actually the most densely populated in Europe has been for a very long time
  3. Disaster followed by disaster weather perfect still disasters when are the solway federation members ever going to realise being the last federation in Scotland trying to fly the west coast route that it’s impossible now in the year 2021 just the same as it has been for more than a decade. I hear now the convoy will settle down this coming week end what a load of bullshit the majority of fanciers now cleaned out again for the season and not many even at a hundred miles and reports now of the last race charnock Richard on sat of birds having to be chased out of the transporter and officials claiming not been trained properly omg bullshit birds are terrified to leave the safety of the transporter pigeons ain’t as dumb as we fanciers are seemingly
  4. Congratulations to his second in command too Stanley Boyd who I’m sure will be a valuable help in walking the Solway federation into the millennium
  5. Carnforth race on Saturday must be the worst race ever for returns certainly worst race I ever remember since I joined the Solway federation in 1972 where have all the pigeons gone and are any being reported
  6. Was never under the impression it was the office staff that passed the rules but it certainly will make a lot less work for them and in my opinion that's the reason its been passed and it's the unions responsibility to ensure that the finder of any reported bird gets a swift response from the owner
  7. Whothinks the shu have the right to pass the rule that all ybs must have owners phone number included on the wing stamp.its nothing about getting birds back home as far as I'm concerned it's about cutting there work load down at the shu offices
  8. GoRniC

    New Season

    Obs and ybs got murdered last year with the solway federation Michael and yes your right nothing changes.
  9. My pick is number 22 looks a picture
  10. Dumfries Flying Club seven members sent 52 birds to Ripon comeback race Nith valley sent 41
  11. 13 away to ripon with solway federation 107 miles
  12. Dumfries Flying club 230 birds away tonight to Ripon
  13. cracking morning here in dumfries blue skies and sunshine Hoping for a early liberation with the solway federation who were held yesterday at stainmore
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