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got a phone call from sue at louella this morning to tell me john Massarella has sent me a pair of birds id asked john a few months ago to look me out something special with some of the new jan aarden bloodlines with a little of my own bloodlines in the pedigree to put with my own stock birds as im getting a wee bit to close sue told me john picked out one off de barcelona 241 winner of one of the hardest barcelona races on record and scored three times and one off true grit ten times a winner over 500 miles both birds a gift from louella cant thank john enough and cant wait to see them when this man says there special believe me they will be he knows his stuff


as if that was not enough just opened a letter from the Shu telling me i had won the Dewar trophy for the best single bird performance in Scotland what an honour to win this against scotlands best pigeons and fanciers with fantastic performances by some of scotlands top fanciers thankyou to the judges ill treasure this win best in Scotland jesus cant take it in

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Congratulations Walter, exceptional pigeon winning under a great handler. Enjoy the Dewar Trophy. You will be the proud holder for a year, but with a bit of luck and the same continued effort you have already put in, the Louella additions to your family should leave a legacy lasting beyond that year and perhaps position you to win it again. :)

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Well done Walter and well done Louella nice gesture.

credit where its due alex thats where my breeding stock come from louella has always been good to me and i advise any novice or guys starting out to buy there birds from them and let them know when or if they win they cant promise you winners but they can promise you they will have the winning bloodlines for the job and there not all perfect specimens its up to you to find them out but my ugly ones are my best racers i find and ive won something with every strain i bought from them sprint middle distance and long distance myself i would not be interested in buying from any other stud as far as im concerned louella is the best by far louella jamie silver award winner louella jenna silver award winner louella Helen silver award winner over 100 firsts in club and fed section winners must be over forty to score in the nationals all there grand parents came from louella would be wrong not to praise and give them credit if not for them i would not have had the success that i have enjoyed over the years so well done louella pigeon World Simply the best

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