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  1. We only have 2/56 something has happened and n route home
  2. There having a fantastic season well done Well done alll in Lanarkshire fantastic times
  3. slim45


    Well done Robert
  4. slim45


    Well done Jim Moffat section f a cracker
  5. Glad your getting better Tommy take care
  6. slim45


    Condolences to Murphy family at this very sad time
  7. Well done and congratulations
  8. slim45


    Well done hardy and delboy great pigeons into west side
  9. Only about 160doos liberated small convoy must have got hit by Percy and turned them
  10. I know of only 2pigeons home one just after five and one just before seven
  11. We had 30/60 on sunday got 7 yesterday still 23 short
  12. 28/60its a struggle not half way yet
  13. Happy birthday keep healthy and safe
  14. Some flying and trapping well done
  15. Must be fancier off year outstanding achievement
  16. Well done to both fanciers top notch
  17. Well said walter she is still an exceptional pigeon next year gold award?
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