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  1. Plenty migratory birds coming into the country at this time of year.
  2. Had a dodgy toss with my 6 latebreds on Wednesday they were a bit scattered with one of them returning next morning injured I think they must have came across the peregrine somewhere as that was there 8th toss.
  3. Same here I’ve two small groups of latebreds one group have had 10 short tosses and that’ll do them until next year when they’ll be expected to toe the line to 200 mile mark at least .The other group I’ve only started due to them being a bit younger so only 2 tosses with them so far.
  4. Same here Derek I enjoyed watching things unfold tonight on pipa !
  5. unfortunately tommy it’s never made it yet.
  6. It was this morning that it got liberated there was a change of plan the guy couldnae make it yesterday .
  7. Came in sat 5th June with half a tail it will be liberated in Aberdeen tomorrow morning I hope it makes it.
  8. Looking for help I’ve a pigeon reported by a non fancier near clitheroe in lancs it would be much appreciated if any local fanciers can help with this.
  9. Same here a couple of experienced pigeons to come and not a feather since 15.30.
  10. Well done Tam good going.
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