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  1. well done Gus and Allan Orr fantastic race well deserved
  2. dkj


    Well done peter fantastic result
  3. Well done Davie
  4. Welld done Andy brilliant result
  5. flying into central scotland

  6. Fantastic flying well done jim
  7. dkj

    Jim Moffat

    Well done jim
  8. dkj

    Cal 50

    Well done Calum
  9. dkj

    Snfc Maidstone

    Well done Gary well deserved,
  10. Gave su 20 f 3921 bl cock drink and pick last night hope it made home okay Su 19 l 868 in west WDA
  11. dkj


    Well done Andy Eadie 1st section 3rd open Snfc Huntington fantastic result
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