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  1. They are nesting in a quarry very close to Mossmorran, have been for years.
  2. Dunfermline Club, 7 members sent 150 birds to Kelso, 50 to 55 miles, 1st race of the season.
  3. SU-13-L-2406 Dark Cock with ETS ring on. Came in with my young birds today.
  4. SU-13-L-713 in today, Blue Chec Pied Cock.
  5. Dunfermline Club, 9 members sent 123 birds to Kelso. 50 to 55 miles.
  6. The problem has been resolved and the winning bidder, "Columbo" will be given the 2 youngsters he bid for. Hope this puts an end to the matter.
  7. I thought you were a gentleman John, no more! expletive remove!
  8. No,deadline is 14th April.
  9. Should be a good game, would love to see Man Utd win but think Ronaldo & Co will win 2-1
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