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  1. Sounds like a nice easy race for the birds, couldn't be better for a first race.
  2. A Very merry Christmas to you and your families, Nadolig Llawen
  3. Great photo. Can only imagine what diet those birds raced on, It must have been very poor compared to ours, and I guess the lurcher supplied the family food of rabbit etc
  4. How smart are they, pigeon fanciers wearing ties, great stuff
  5. billt


    That sounds like a big eat for a little weasel, seems more likely several predators
  6. Sounds very tasty mate, Hope your good lady makes a speedy recovery and takes advantage of the extra hour in bed tomorrow, My evening much like last week-end.
  7. billt


    Sounds like a good plan Alan
  8. billt


    Have a date with a log burner and a bottle of whisky, Cheers Lads
  9. Thanks Brian, nice to see Archie looking very well
  10. I Guess that's a no Andy, by the times it didn't sound a bad race
  11. Thanks Andy, Had a great week-end with most of the family
  12. Hope you're having a great day, Happy Birthday Andy
  13. Many thanks Lads, Big 80 for me
  14. RIP Robert, Condolences to the family
  15. Good read Brian, Those show racers are very attractive birds, The People was a newspaper that covered pigeon racing and showing
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