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  1. Sounds very tasty mate, Hope your good lady makes a speedy recovery and takes advantage of the extra hour in bed tomorrow, My evening much like last week-end.
  2. billt


    Sounds like a good plan Alan
  3. billt


    Have a date with a log burner and a bottle of whisky, Cheers Lads
  4. Thanks Brian, nice to see Archie looking very well
  5. I Guess that's a no Andy, by the times it didn't sound a bad race
  6. Thanks Andy, Had a great week-end with most of the family
  7. Hope you're having a great day, Happy Birthday Andy
  8. Many thanks Lads, Big 80 for me
  9. RIP Robert, Condolences to the family
  10. Good read Brian, Those show racers are very attractive birds, The People was a newspaper that covered pigeon racing and showing
  11. Good luck with that plan Peter, I know I'm an odd ball but youngbird racing was always my favourite
  12. A good read Brian, I had some excellent Kirkpatricks in the '70's, tough pigeons, I smiled at his words on late-breds, July bred, as good as youngsters bred in March/April, I wonder what his thoughts would be on hearing that now some have youngsters ringed in December 2021 as 2022. Mind boggling
  13. Good read Brian apart from the mans demise of course, The Cattrysse birds were my favourites with the youngsters being very fast for me giving me many wins in club and fed.
  14. billt


    Your'e right Phil, very quiet on here but it is Christmas I suppose, I don't race anymore but when I did would never have been breeding this early, wouldn't have had rings anyway, I've seen pictures of 20 or more weaned youngsters wearing their 2022 rings, What a complete nonsense.
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