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  1. Are we racing the wrong birds?
  2. Sounds like a very useful old lad there Peter
  3. Very impressive amount of silverware there, well done
  4. Strangely enough I have ten Reds here and they are all cocks, I have a late bred still in the nest, a red off a Red cock and Dk. hen so hoping for a hen
  5. As you see a few years back, these two young Red cocks were in the nest, pre-rings, looked in one evening and one had fallen out the bowl and was cold and lifeless, I took it indoors and held it over the Rayburn for quite some time before signs of life but I kept going and eventually put it back under the hen, It was fine in the morning and not having rings I never knew which one, Both were had by the hen Gos last year but they had a few years.
  6. Right lads and lasses what other livestock do you have at home, I know mine's a bit different having a farm but out of interest we have 7 horses, 8 sheep, 3 dogs and about 60 pigeons, a lot considering I last raced in 1986, but I do love them, Won My third race starting with old birds which is quite unusually but I'd had the birds for years before, do I miss racing? yes I do, after all these years, but I will always have my birds
  7. Nice, something cosy about corner lofts
  8. billt

    Show time

    Fit looking bird and some rate the third bar
  9. billt

    Show time

    Your youngsters are in lovely condition Richard.
  10. A beauty Brian just like Moose your Dads dog, Litter mates were Crufts winners if I remember
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