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  1. Our annual show held on the 27th Nov results Class 1 AACTW 1. E +N Yule 2. E+N Yule 3. E+N Yule 4. E+N Yule Class 2 AAHTW 1. E+N Yule 2. S Donaldson 3. E+N Yule 4. E+N Yule Class3 LOC 1 . S Donaldson 2. E +N Yule 3. E+N Yule 4. E+N Yule Class 4 LOH 1 G Campbell 2.G Mckenzie 3. E+N Yule 4.E+N Yule Class 5 LYC 1. S Donaldson 2. E+ N Yule 3. E+N Yule 4. D+D Hay Class6 LYH 1. D+D Hay 2. E+N Yule 3 S Donaldson 4. D+D Hay Class 7 EYESIGN 1.W Nicol 2. E+N Yule 3. E+N Yule 4. E+N Yule BI S . G Campbell BOS . E+N Yule Well done Gordan Would like to thank all the guys who came and supported our local show , And thanks to all our sponsors JNS Joinery ltd BIG BITE burger van Harbour Bar Market bar Peterkin homes Oil technics MTC Trophys David Hay (snr) Thanks and hopefully see everyone next year
  2. Full details in the" show topic " on this site
  3. Show to be held on the 27 Nov . Contact David Hay , 01561361588 For details
  4. Gourdon & dist RPC Annual open show 2022 Will be held o Sunday 27th Nov Masonic Hall , King St Inverbervie Penning 9am - 10.30 Judging 11am prompt £1 per bird Teas, coffees, bacon rolls, sausage rolls , raffle and a sale off 2023 ybirds . CLASSES CLASS 1 AACTW CLASS 2 AAHTW CLASS 3 LOC CLASS 4 LOH CLASS 5 LYC CLASS 6 LYH CLASS 7 EYESIGN ( CAN BE DUPLICATED ) Entries to - David Hay 01561361588 / 01561361526 Entries close Friday 25th Nov 9pm Late entries if pens available. Hope to see you there . Davy Hay
  5. Top fancier confirmed to judge . The SNFC section winner Billy McEwan of Dundee Small printing error 2022 young birds not 2021
  6. I am glad to inform the fancy that we are holding our annual show this year . Gourdon &Dist Annual Show Sunday 28th November To be held in the Masonic Hall , King Street Inverbervie. Class 1 AACTW Class 2 AAHTW Class 3 LOC Class 4 LOH Class 5 LYC Class 6 LYH Class 7 EYESIGN (can be duplicated ) Penning 9am - 10.30 Judging start 11am sharp Entries £1 bird Teas,coffee, bacon rolls , sausage rolls and cakes . There will be a sale of 2021 ybirds for our club funds . Phone Entries to David Hay 01561 361588/ 01561 361526. Entries close Friday 26 Nov Late Entries will be accepted if pen's are available. Hand sanitizers and masks will be available at the show Hope to see you there
  7. We have had a ybird reported in County Durham by a non fancier , is there anyone near that could give it a helping hand up the road a bit ? It flew Harrogate the week before so should head home with a little helping hand Cheers
  8. Good entry from the North, let's hope it helps us like last week at Harrogate
  9. Heard you won your club too , are you topping the Aberdeen fed ?
  10. Haha !! we need Aberdeen birds libbed up with us every week
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