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  1. Totally agree with you Tommy on those point you have mentioned
  2. l don't often agree with you Roland, but you are spot on this time
  3. expletive remove Andrew it's the only pleasure auld Roland has now,just grin and bare it lol
  4. Roland you are losing the plot
  5. Stb when are you going back up to Tommy,s for feeding as I would like to buy the baycox
  6. There's always the one delboy,what a question to ask on a pigeon forum lol
  7. Spot on Roland a. Silent voice is never heard
  8. Looking forward to see his photography skills lol
  9. Half brick in the nest box,simple but it works ,either that ask showman lol
  10. You've had a bit of luck there locking birds up all night that's just been put together
  11. Now ,now, now the ref had a great game,smell the glove lol
  12. Nova has left the building,with tail between his legs pmsl
  13. Well done wattie you deserve it,all the best jimmy
  14. I think it's you that's needing treatment pmsl
  15. You tell him old pal(john hunter)
  16. My father told me he had the best young bird season ever when he fed his young birds with beans right out of the field,the farmers combine wasn't working right so my father asked him if he could pick over the field for the beans so there's your answer
  17. I understand where Jamie's coming from,Hannah ,Rankin Donaldson and a few more if they moved down that neck of the woods I have no doubt they would have won nationals
  18. You are a bundle of laugh's at the moment, let's hope you don't get caught in one of your traps lol
  19. And rightly so they should be banned,oh i forgot you were a big time gamekeeper Peter,and what would you catch if you put them on a fence post Peter,could that be a barn owl,tawny owl are you wanting rid of all the birds of prey????????
  20. Regarding the use of poison as some of the pigeon men said you have to watch where you put it as regarding to other wildlife,the reason i brought this up was i was visiting a local fancier who was overrun with rats he was using the poison blocks and just throwing them under the loft and i said you will need to make sure the little birds can't get to it,his words were fcku them,i know there is plenty of good fanciers who care for wildlife and some who dont
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