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    I think France will be the winners of the 'Grand Slam' and 'Triple Crown'. Mind who knows what 'Jonesy Boy' has up his sleeve - if anything but a arm. Wales went back to physical and raw proffessionliam and Englang held on.
  2. Roland


    Well done the Scots. England won everything barr the game lol ... and the ref. Who I thought was mostly pretty good. But credit where credit is due, the spolils belond to the victor, so enjoy Scotland. i will say too... whilst on the subject, that Scotland have improved tremedously over the last two seasom. So well done.
  3. Great looker. A winner in a show and fantastic flyer to boot eh! Great to see and hear. Plus of course ' Under a Good Management'! Eh!
  4. Great. Really nice to see. Looking like one wants their birds to be! Makes me miss my birds big time.
  5. Roland


    Yep, March. Two rounds and all fl the whole programme. From the shortest to the longest ... but not neccesarily every race, Traing! Never done back in the 50-mid 60's. That started when the Trains lines closed in many racess, and some wanted 'Other's' wanted others tppay their fuel. Whether they went the same place to be released is often doubted... released on way back!
  6. Roland


    I think 'SHOULD' would be more appropiate. Never known them too yet! Just 2 individuals as I know off. One threathened court proceedings, they RPRA renegaded. the other went to court and won the cas1
  7. The page - all pages have a x or a delete option there. Just a click and it's gone. We are creatures of habbits. We hate change. Then become a creature again f habbit... even if eventually a new one.
  8. Lots of moans and whinging eh! Oh, sorry! It's only to be expected, after all it is a Pigeon site. If only they put their' whining to good use and stand up and be counted in regards improving the very fundemental basis of our so call sport and put as much energy in trying to improve that! But then that never happens year after year, so it will stay the same. Why moan at the ones trying to bring together a decent site,and a way forward for a betterment via decent and honest fanciers eh Why not whinge and moan at the the Ruling bodies, whilst from club to national level they take the pee and our money! Strewth!
  9. Same here greenlands. regards Edit. Pleased to hear the op has been done. Now time to heal and mend. Best wishes mate. Then tried the three dots again as I wanted to see if it worked when on the page.. Three dots gave me edit. So that's good... Especially for me as I have to use 'Edit' often lol.
  10. Nice that we have a warning of what may come to be. Thanks.
  11. Why Andy? lol . Would It would only be used to see if their ears aren't listening, and seek others to take control and put forward good ideas - also to be forgotton lol. Best wait till the new race season has started ... then words of promise prevail, with no come back, or anything to be answerable to eh!
  12. Yes the racing has closed. Some preparing for the 'Shows'. But very few will even bother to think od a way to improve, or help the fancier over the nexts months. Yes! for sure will hear the moans and what should/could be done - and let's face it there are very, very many things that want sorting. Ideas put forwars and test. But then maybe I'd be better off selling 'Cushions' for bums to to sit their bums on while the twiddle their thumbs! Indeed charge just a £1 for every whinge or moan, and the fancy would be very well off! Especially if the whinger didn't follow through and had to pay another £1 for doing NOWT!
  13. A decent and cost effective start for any new comer. Or one improving what they have eh?!
  14. Ole I love them. Always have loved Reds and Grizzles. Red Grizzle too of course.
  15. Roland

    Pop ups

    Of course mate. All the best, every penny a prisoner, especially when Fifer is the payer.
  16. You know Del, I'd wager, give a late bred next season, or a yearling in O/b race and loft fit bird, first time in the basket, It will be your first bird home. Love of a safe and warm home, with its perch or box threathened, maybe, while it is away will be by far enough motivation. Take the bird off the top perch, or corner shelve away. Within seconds another - second in command lol, will commandeer it, do that as many times as you like and the birds will raise its 'Pecking Order! There can't be ANY motivation given to a bird that will compete with that! Simply put, if a bird cares not, or isn't too interested in getting back to it's perch or box, then you / no one can motivate it to zoom home!
  17. We had good money to start up a think tank. Other 'Pigeon' societies like Tumblers and tipplers (Worse hit) and very much more. The daggers aimed at us were from members. Some on here too. Which stuck in the back. Letter in Rags like were we antaginising the RSPB on purpose to no avail. We we in touch with DAFRA regards 'Eagle Owls. ... Which the RSPB illegal cull. Used media saying they would take dogs out walk, and even babies in prams ... and to think that some so called 'Pigeon Lovers' went along with it!
  18. I would agree, entirely, with Edinburgh's West's post. Adding East winds also. Not even letting them out. 'When wind is in east, it's no good got Man or Beast'! the good fancier of past would only send an expeirence pair to these races... Simple to stay in the 'Averages'! Mind I, like many other never trained... Only reason is to get them fit! You teach them NO good habbits... only sometimes bad ones. Like no urgency to get home. Can have a break in bad weather, or return when it suits, a few days later. Remember, 'First loss is the best loss'. Most from the loft top. Save wasting time, money, feed!
  19. Well most will know my view. Open loft if possible... obviously not all are able to enjoy. Now once the youngsters have finished 'Ranging' there is absolutely nothing they need to know. You cartainly cannot teach them a jot! So lazy around doing as they like and please. Let them build a 'Home' where they feel safe and contented with. Comfortable with you and your system! May be two - if you must - a light toss in good weather - Like today. then again, 1-3 races. Build a team bred in the 'Pink/Purple. Me! I would. in all honest set up that all birds were bred in Autumn- August/September. Let to lose themselves, or reamain, for 18 month. and then eneter into races. Yes these would be the main race team. But then a round or Mrch / April bred for the y/b season from proven older birds finishing racing ... . These yongster will fly the whole program. and win!
  20. Tried many times. Was a a time not long back when a Qorum was set up. Many ideas to raise money for the running and setting up a 'Think tank' But like the RPRA did, it was torn to shred by members oon here. Letter of protests written in the B.W. etc. Well a whole list drawn up against it. Wanted Committee members names put up for the RSPB to see. and much more. 2p a bird charges via feds and 3p per bird charged to help finaince it. Though a great idea, one needed and tried so many times, you will find Pigeon fancier will strangle it. Bilco was right 20 odd years ago. He gave up the ghost. Members love to moan. Won't get of the hands that they are sitting on. Not just Apathy either! But they will demand wealthy fanciers should do it for them. Indeed their office workers should spend time doing it....... I could write an essay on it. Sorry Delboy, and all... it will never get of the page, let alone the ground!
  21. Feel it is / will be good! Mind I don't use many topics, so have little problem. I'd wager too, nigh all will get together with it and appreciate the new set up and come to agree it is a good move.
  22. Good ... but how long will that last Fifer? As for the new layout, have no qualms. Will soon get upto date and able. Just a few visits needed I'd say.
  23. Roland

    S N R P C

    Fantastic. Build up a vigour. Replaces any losses. Brings new blood in. Personally I would race any till 18 months on. Just - if possible, aan opne loft. But certainly kept stres free and contented. then breed fron them - when proven 2 years down the line. Alway having a set bred every year. these are very often the best bred birds, Bred in the pink so to speak. J.M.O.
  24. JCN an apt poen by Donna. The past is the past for a reason. That is where it is supposed to stay, But some cannot let it go. In their heads it eats away Until all their focus becomes The person they used to be, The mistakes they made in their life. Oh, if only they could see That you cannot change what happened, No matter how hard you try, No matter how much you think about it, No matter how much you cry. What happens in your lifetime Happens for reasons unknown, So you have to let the cards unfold. Let your story be shown. Don't get wrapped up in the negative. Be happy with what you have been given. Live for today not tomorrow. Get up, get out, and start living, Because the past is the past for a reason. It's been, and now it is gone, So stop trying to think of ways to fix it. It's done, it's unchangeable; move on. Inbreeding has a lot to answer for .... but the damage is done. Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/changing-the-past
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