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  1. Changed the front of the loft, took the solid top off the corridor and replaced with polycarbonate to let more light in and also improve the airflow
  2. Aye fingers crossed Brian
  3. Why was it not possible to have the old format on the new server? That to me would have been the best outcome, just seems such a shame that what was the best forum on the web has come down to what we have now, hopefully something can be done to restore it to its former glory. And I know you all will be working to this end so dont take this as a critisim of the work you are doing
  4. Seems to have killed the Forum stone dead, not much of interest anymore, can get weather updates on the BBC, and say Good morning to folk when I see them, thats about the sum of the topics on here just now. Maybe should go back to the Old Format of the Site as it was much easier to use
  5. I keep getting an Advert in the middle of the page when I open unread content
  6. Just home from a road trip picking up pigeons with John who had 7 reported from our Catterick race last week, First stop Durham then on to Loftus and Hartlepool to the UNC garage where we picked up a few other Scottish birds, then into Newcastle and on to Ashington and back home, left at 5am got back at 2.30pm, nearly 400 miles covered, many thanks to all the fanciers involved and also the non fancier who kept the bird in a box for John. All the others will be going to the SHU centre tomorrow. Also managed to fit a weather update in for Tiger with the Almond Valley doos
  7. I believe the contractor didnt have a driver to take the lorry on Friday, nothing more sinister than that Fid
  8. Sorry got wrong year, its a 2020 bird
  9. NEHU 2021 SED 1399, anybody on here, in at Prestonpans
  10. It cost the fancier £750 to get the relevant health certification to allow his birds to compete apparently, believe he sent 42
  11. High broken cloud here in Prestonpans
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