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  1. ken


    su 17 nw 4216
  2. hi andy the old mealy cock s mother was bred by jimmy shepherd the old southwell blood and his sire is a brian williams titmuss blood lines he was bred by fred wiltshire
  3. this is the same way bred sapper he's got a 170th open nfc pau 2020 565ml his dam is a full sister to 17595 17596 witch between them have 3rd 11th 13th sec 12th 81st 150th open tarbes so its in them + the old mealy cock is the g sire of my littel hen that flew coutances as a ybird 410ml with the nfc 2020 2nd sec
  4. i will sapper thanks andy
  5. ken


    she has up to now she won tours as a yearling 540ml then this year she won gien 542ml as 2 year old but i mist her on the night i left the hut at 9.45 it was nearly dark came back at 4.15 she was sitting waiting for me it was darker then than when i left im still gutted i mist her
  6. ken


    if she's still here and i get her right i think she wont be far away but there's along way to go yet
  7. ken


    Its a southwell the first one i have ever bred this colour the dam has a lot of pied in her but the sire is a black velvet
  8. ken


    Next stop tarbes 800+ ML TO ME
  9. 130 130 1N McSween & Sexton Sunderland 402m 1,668y 1,034.0278 11h 25m 51s 10 GB20N67059 256 256 2N R & K Dodds Hexham 410m 803y 710.4672 16h 56m 48s 10 nehu20con234 261 261 3N McSween & Sexton Sunderland 402m 1,668y 695.9988 16h 58m 57s 10 GB20N67049 287 287 4N R & K Dodds Hexham 410m 803y 589.0996 20h 26m 17s 10 nehu20con260 293 293 5N R & K Dodds Hexham 410m 803y 555.2888 21h 40m 57s 10 nehu20con256 well pleased with that my first attempt with ybirds + a big well done to dave and jim cracking bird on the night
  10. ken

    Just In

    su 20 p 6122
  11. ken

    Gb 20 L 17411

    came in this morning GB 20 L 17411
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