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  1. Nice photo, he's looking well.
  2. Congratulations great photos too.
  3. Sorry to hear that Lindsay but I am the same not bothered for a while now. Some other sites are worse I gave up on the Liverpool Echo site their ads pop up when you're reading and you have to keep cancelling them, a sign of the times now.
  4. Let us know if you find one Neil, Versele Laga has shot up in price, I paid £19-40p for Start Plus.
  5. alex young


    A good system Neil and I know you do well on it, I may try it on my cocks this season giving me a bit more time with the hens which I may train.
  6. alex young


    Over the years I've fed all kinds of feeds and the birds have flown well but I'm always looking to try something better.Going way back to 1983 I fed depurative until tuesday evening then widowhood mix and seeds the rest of the week. I dusted the depurative with brewers yeast on sat/sun for the protein and the birds did well. The big draw back for me was the birds didn't exercise early part of the week.
  7. alex young


    Mine will be much the same as yours Neil, V/L Start plus(breeding) on return then a lighter mix early in the week changing over to Star plus towards the end of the week and maybe some energy mix added.
  8. Happy New Year to all on Basics.
  9. Merry Xmas and all the best in the new year to everyone on Basics.
  10. I like to get them out if the weather is ok and it hasn't been lately. I'm not a trainer of old birds so l keep them fit through the winter, I don't let them walk about the garden they are either in the sky or in the loft. I know a lot of lads who do keep them in and fly really well.
  11. Virtually through the moult now, I'm feeding a bag of Countrywide Super Junior mix which I got for £13 it's a bit high in protein(15.6%) so will feed a much lighter mix when I've used it up.
  12. Rest in peace he was well liked in his time at Everton too.
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