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  1. Maybe it’s time we joined the NWHU and raced under their rules. They certainly lead the way as far as minimising costs are concerned and don’t raise charges to meet their overheads.
  2. Novice

    New Season

    Mike, if you refer to me no offence was intended and I apologise if it appeared otherwise. My comment was addressed to the fancy in general not a specific area or fancier. As an additional comment Roland's comment was a great post as it suggested a source of "carrier pigeons" I had never considered before.
  3. R.I.P. John you were a true gentleman and will be sadly missed.
  4. I see Jemma Reekie running round the town frequently. By goodness she doesn’t hang about. I feel she is coming to her peak now. Well done both girls dedication personified.
  5. Novice

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday John! Have a lovely day.
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    Bumblefoot. It’s bacterial.
  7. RIP Harry. I remember his posts from years ago.
  8. Novice


    The thread is about all races and the difference between SHU and SNFC rules. Now i understand why reading some of the posts on here is sucking my will to live.
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    SNFC wing stamps would not compromise the race and are within the rule. Even in the event of a 2-3 day race. Talk sense.
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    When the rules made by the "Governing Body", irrespective of how well intentioned they are,compromise the security of the race then its time for a rethink.
  11. He has made more money for failure than he did by being successful.
  12. Are the modern ones based around Kleine Dirk which suggests van Dyke breeding to me. Sorry I don’t have much knowledge of these birds.
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    I didn’t notice any difference in you yesterday John. You are still a crabbit bugger and never forgot to mention the tup. Get well soon.
  14. I know that Andy I travelled with Ian last year.
  15. 58 views and no response. I'll try to get a lift through and if that happens Ill be there. I simply don't drive after dark any more.
  16. Thanks Davie what’s your preferred tipple?
  17. I’ll check just in case I’ve missed something.
  18. Where do we find these tools then?
  19. I can only post what I have been told Derek.
  20. I know some fanciers who have used this. Whether or not it improved their performances I don’t know. I think it’s mainly a gut acidified with a few trace elements thrown in for good measure. It was described to a friend of mine by an Irish fancier as “the biggest secret in pigeon racingâ€
  21. That is the best post I have ever read on a pigeon forum. I believe the RPRA already have a web site purpose built to sell single loft race birds.
  22. That was always a grey area. It didn’t bother me as I had no intention of entering the Young Bird National. However, I found that I had to check all ring numbers when training to avoid sending genuine yearlings. By the way I hope the stray arrives ho:e safely.
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