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  1. The bird was with a non fancier so I felt I should bring him home soonest. As they say in the doggie world a doo is not just for Christmas.
  2. Great offer thanks. Mine is home now no problem. I was really surprised when I arrived there, I knew the old town very well but the bird was on a new built estate just off the dual carriageway. All very prosperous.
  3. Hi, I have a stray reported by a non fancier in Stonehaven. I wonder if there are any local fanciers there who could pick the bird up till I arrange a courier. I will contact Walkers tomorrow but I think that’s just too late to have him uplifted this week. For interest the pigeon was lost racing from Maidstone.
  4. Novice

    Dk Jamieson

    Well done Davie you obviously have not been wasting your time.
  5. Novice


    Sadly you are not far from the truth. This has been a strange season for us and we don’t normally have Federation races over longer distances at this time of year when every pair of peregrines in the country has a pair of youngsters following them and they are killing everything which moves for fun.
  6. Novice


    Ha ha Derek I’ll tell the jokes if you don’t mind.
  7. Novice


    Of course they will be the over there don’t need to turn into the wind which is at least twice the met office forecast.
  8. Novice


    Absolutely abysmal in Ayrshire. Maybe you Lanarkshire guys should be trying to hold onto the committee you have as they clearly made a good call.
  9. Novice

    Sick Birds

    I saw this discussed elsewhere and the opinion was that it was the Australian Variant of Rotavirus.
  10. Thanks for that yes it clears the confusion.
  11. That’s interesting Andy. I was just being curious. Last time I looked it was impossible to find the location of federations from the RPRA website. Trying times.
  12. The initial post from Walter said Saturday. I assume Lanarkshire have now changed to Sunday. Thank you. Thanks Andy a wee bit of assumption involved in your post I feel.
  13. Assuming there is only one liberation site at Ripon Ayrshire Federation announced last night that, as Ripon is unavailable this Saturday Ayrshire will be racing from Catterick. However, Lanarkshire Federation plan to race from Ripon. This sounds a bit contradictory. It has been a very frustrating season especially for officials trying to organise pigeon races but the above information is very confusing.
  14. Novice

    Shu Fees

    Is that because you are a joiner?
  15. Maybe they would be better addressing the cruelty of Halal slaughter.
  16. Novice


    No problem whatsoever Stuart. It’s very seldom I venture out during these very strange times
  17. Novice


    Stuart, I have 8 spare here. I was given them by our mutual friend Robert Trotter and I know he won’t mind you having them free of charge.
  18. I’m in complete agreement with this post. Should pigeon training help to spread the virus then the image of the sport will take a further downward dive. There is no substitute for brains.
  19. Local outdoor activities are allowed. The First Minister has advised a distance of 5 miles is considered local.
  20. The ADVICE north of the border is to avoid travel distances of more than 5 miles. Really we still require clarification from the SHU because even routine training involves travel outside the 5 mile limit advised. Really our season now depends on how the governing body interprets this advice.
  21. Novice


    That’s bad news. One individual has undone all the good work which others had undertaken on our behalf.
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