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    I wouldn’t believe all I read on Facebook especially about the outcome of an appeal to the Cumbria Region of the RPRA. I have seen the decision of the committee in black and white. I’ll bow out now before I cause Archie any stress as it’s not my fight but the truth of this and other matters needs to be aired.
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    Yes an independent body of fanciers of honesty and integrity. That will eliminate Glasgow Federation Top Table.
  3. I feel Nobivac gives better protection so that’s the one for me. However the fancier must ensure that it is about 20 degrees before use.
  4. Novice

    They Knew

    Footballers are noted for big egos and small minds.
  5. Eamon, Parastop given at the recommended dosage will not make your pigeons sick. De Weerdt I would suggest has misdiagnosed your problem but fear not in he has captured your cash now. I would suggest your birds are suffering from some of these viral diseases which do the rounds. At best it will clear up in a few days and at worst it will take longer and you could have fatalities. These viral diseases cause a swelling in the digestive system and the bird can neither digest corn or water. Should they start to recover feed small easily digested grains. Once they have recovered give the proper course of Parastop or something similar to eliminate secondary infections.
  6. The internet is already bursting with champions and some of the prices are ridiculous.
  7. Did they race as Luke Coulston and an other. I think their star pigeon was Quasimoda a blue pied cock. Do they still race-I haven't a clue.
  8. Sadly Andy the term “puppet masterâ€:wasn’t even a veiled insult. It was directed at an individual and every fancier knows who that is given the present scenario. It’s not a West Coast thing the rules are National. There would have been no need for me to criticise or you to be upset had the moderator in question used his powers of censorship in an unbiased manner. I won’t say any more as I was only concern was the moderators lack of neutrality in my opinion.
  9. I note some posts on this thread have been removed while a reference to a “puppet master “ has been retained. I would suggest that moderation on this site is,at best biased, and at worst corrupt. Then we wonder why people don’t post.
  10. I think the jury is out on whether it keeps lice at bay but it is a source of Manganese which is essential for pigeons.
  11. That’s what Gordon Chalmers the Canadian vet told me.
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    I hope you all have a great race.
  13. I don’t think I mentioned any organisation Derek but I do find it difficult to hide my contempt for some organisations and fanciers. Each division created doubles the expense incurred. I’ll leave the thread leaving you to figure out why the real Clydebank fanciers had better returns than those who raced with Glasgow Federation.
  14. It wouldn’t have been copping out once far less 5 times. Your itchy trigger finger displays your emotions. I would simply have decided to have a hobby which I enjoy free of stress, Therefore please try to understand I won’t be racing North irrespective of what anyone thinks of that decision.
  15. No Derek I didn’t miss the point. Treating the symptom of any problem is only a short term fix. The root cause needs to be addressed that is the only way to a long term solution. Personally I would rather not race than turn North with the cop out brigade.
  16. I only need to look how their entries drop during old bird racing to see the statistics I need. Not a conversation with fanciers who are prone to exaggeration. That remark applies to all fanciers. Any decisions need to be based on recorded facts.Writing these 4 sentences took a great deal of self control on my behalf avoiding decrying an organisation which has divided fanciers in Ayrshire and led to reduced competition. One factor which has not been mentioned so far is the fact that, during the later part of the season we have fewer hours of daylight available in which to liberate our pigeons. Most federations are trying to liberate in a small window to maximise the chance of the birds homing on the day. This coupled with the fact that North and South organisations are intermingled can only lead to clashing. Yes the peregrine falcon is the biggest single contributor to our problems. As David Jamieson pointed out sprint pigeons are less likely to work home than traditional Scottish Pigeons. Horses for courses I believe.
  17. I would be slightly wary of that as some of these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin.
  18. 7 degrees centigrade John feeling like 5 in the wind John
  19. Some haven’t timed yet Derek. You are well informed. 5/6 here with the first 4 in 8 minutes. Maybe I’ll win an invisible trophy.
  20. Dalry HS clock check postponed by an hour due to poor returns. Read into that what you may.
  21. Typo. It’s a age thing. I think we have taken flexibility too far. Race programmes have become a guide now and that’s not necessarily a positive.
  22. Don’t you know where your federation is racing from in 4 days time? What sort of doorman are you?
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