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  1. Thanks for the welcome and I am sure I will enjoy. There are some lovely people on here. Yes my user name is a bit tongue in cheek. It's not entirely untrue as I am a novice at online pigeon chat.
  2. Hi I am a committee member of the SNRPC. I have no axe to grind and it would be beneficial for the sport if we could turn back the clock. Attitudes have moderated slightly since the split and indeed some guys are members of both Nationals but there are still some people who were involved in the split and I cannot see them changing their stance. The SNFC did test the water this year by proposing that SNRPC members joined them in the race from Belgium but it was felt that the time was not right to do so and also there were complications as the members who were unjustly "suspended" by the SHU could not compete.
  3. Hi, I wonder if you are are vaccinated against Paramixo virus. I had this last year amongst my youngsters and one of the survivors is still slightly loose. It does not effect the bird in any other way as he has returned from training tosses. Failing this a probiotic may help your bird. Good luck.
  4. Hi my name is Robert and I race pigeons into Ayrshire. Contrary to my user name I have raced pigeons since 1968 and have had my share of success. Last year I had a stray enter the loft and all my youngsters which were not vaccinated took Paramixovirus. Because of this I stopped racing for the season even though the old birds were uneffected they would have passed on the virus in the race basket. Because of this I start this season with a relatively inexperienced team of birds but I look forward to testing them. I also look forward to some banter with like minded fanciers both racers and fancy on this forum. I am a committee member of the SNRPC.
  5. Hi Vincent-I'll mail them for a pack Thanks. I don't intend to race with my own fed this year but Clydebank will accept ny birds and they can go as trainers in the Glasgow transporter. I think this will do them more good that our conventional transporter. This should help condition them for the Channel races and the SNRPC are also using this transporter so they will be well used to the drinking system.
  6. Hi Again. I have just downloaded an application form but I will also contact the RPRA. I will print a copy of this form and get it proposed and seconded at the SNRPC committee meeting on Tuesday night in Newbridge.
  7. If you need to join the RPRA. I think Gordon Geddes has all the materials. I am joining the RPRA myself. I think you can also download an application from the RPRA web site
  8. Hi would it not be available on the NFC web site. Are you joining to compete from Saintes with SNRPC?
  9. I'll give it a miss anyway. I would not risk losing good birds in this cold weather. An east wind on Saturday would be a tail wind for our birds but there are always those which need to battle back. Racing on 19th April is too early for this location. South West Scotland
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