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  1. I absolutely agree with this post. Why decry progress?
  2. Well put Harry--I think you forgot to mention that the SNRPC was formed to allow fanciers to continue to race pigeons as opposed to those who would have been happy to have put them out of pigeon racing.
  3. However it is top flying. Well done
  4. I am not sure whether the birds benefit from the salt or not but Epsom salts are Magnesium Sulphate. As far as I am aware Magnesium can be beneficial in muscle formation.
  5. As far as I am aware Aviform Ultimate has no antibiotic content. If there is a problem best get Vets advice as sick pigeons are unlikely to benefit from a tonic.
  6. It's a major challenge and I really hope the birds have a good racing day with good returns which will give us all something to aspire to in future. I know that Scottish fanciers and pigeons are equal to any anywhere in the world. Our climate means that they have to be. Good luck to everyone
  7. They definately follow motorways and railways and rivers where it is advantageous to them. Don't get me wrong the bird doesn't deliberately say I will follow a motorway or river. It takes the route which gives it most shelter from the elements which often means the above. Jack Adams preached this theory all those years ago. He spoke of the tramlines into Scotland which may have been an exageration but we understood what he meant.
  8. The A bird is Ayrshire Kilmarnock Invitation secretary is J. Wilson 01563525451 The other bird is from Ballochmyle and probably from the same liberation yesterday. Where are you? The would probably have been released at Carnwath in South Lanarkshire yesterday.
  9. never have time to study eyes as there is so much more to do but Look for Eyesign 101 on the web and that may interest you
  10. Will the bird eat anything> Try some peanut kernals if you have any. Good luck
  11. well there's a thought and whoever suggests the mating gets a youngster
  12. Always good to see birds returning. I bet Jim is relieved by this arrival.
  13. simply because the differences cannot be resolved at this point in time. There were a number of people treated despicably in the past. They are now happy to support their own club to enjoy the contentment which accompanies that. Pigeon racing should be about pleasure without conflict.
  14. A really superb fancier but what an ambassador he has been for the Sport. He will be sadly missed by those who knew him and by those who never had the pleasure. Condolencies to his family. R.I.P.
  15. I don't think that anyone whose birds were liberated on Saturday had most of them home. This weekend was a disaster for all. Occasional birds shone but at least 90% failed. These were not bad birds handled by poor fanciers. These were the cream.
  16. I have had some success with these in the past. Yes they featured in the Jim Biss family. I believe one of the Seatons won a Scottish National with one. Ian Axe has a stud of them in Doncaster.
  17. Many fanciers already do this. Indeed I know one very successful fancier always sends his best old birds with the youngsters to teach them good habits. I am not sure if it helps returns a great deal.
  18. Seems to me like a wise decision
  19. I do believe that it is too soon for reconciliation. However I should add that RPRA membership at £4.50 per loft and all measurements free with a great backup service looks like a bargain to me. We seem to have new race points every year.
  20. That's good news. Just the opposite from here.
  21. I have nothing from 4 sent. These last 2 French races have been the worst I have competed in. I am now seriously looking at my management. Not the birds me. It would seem to me that thw birds from YPRES had the best race of the 3 into Scotland.
  22. I think there were 4 day birds and Wilson and Jack's pigeon is a cracker.
  23. Come on now Hot Rod your ETA was well out last weekend ;D
  24. Novice

    best book

    Possibly outdated now but the Alf Baker book was very interesting and the fancier was little short of a pigeon racing genius.
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