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    what happened to the pigeon first on lib line? Was it a mistake?
  3. has not set their status

  4. I do not keep pigeons now. I do not play football now or back horses regularly either. That does not disqualify me from having an opinion. You posted. I still have over forty years of experience in pigeons. That will stay with me till I die. " A canny remember the last time there was a yb race where returns were good " quoted from one of your posts. This post of yours now points out that there have been good races recently.Once again I will say blaming Raptors for all the losses stops us looking at other possible causes of losses in the pigeon fancy. Until everything is considered the situation will not improve.
  5. Steady races are reality. Look at Paul Macs post and returns. Delboy sent 63 and timed over forty in a few minutes. final returns were good.. I am referring to the Clydebank fanciers flying in races controlled by Hotrod. I am only trying to point out that taking only the losses caused by Raptors into the mix, many other factors are left out. The situation is much more complicated than Raptor problems on their own. Since pigeon racing started there have always been fanciers with losses.
  6. People I know well had good racing and good returns from the first couple of YB races. Every year there are races with good returns. Delb0y had the first 49 in the Glasgow fed in a race no long ago. Excellent returns for a vast majority. South Lanarkshire have had races with near full returns recently. Clydebank racing controlled by Hotrod, have had excellent racing recently with near full returns.The proposition there is never any good racing with good returns does not stand up to scrutiny.
  7. Has anyone ever questioned where raptors go on the weeks when returns are good. Do the raptors go on holiday?
  8. Michael Walsh Greengairs 7.12
  9. Ring Numbers GB 2019X0363 AND GB2019X0369. Arrived in Gartcosh loft. Contacted RPRA not registered. Owner probably local. Call07769155280
  10. Major point made by yourself regarding pick up points previously and stating no pick ups other than those agreed by fed meeting when birds are going racing.As to stirring the pot so to speak you are wrong. I am questioning fairness and equity for all.
  11. Unfortunately I will not be at Clydebank tonight. Although I did enjoy a blether with the members down there when I drove the transporter for five or six years. I am led to believe member or non member is not allowed to put pigeons on transporter other than official pick up points when there are pigeons on the motor going to a race. It could inadvertently lead to security issues and members questioning the validity of the race. After all there is good prize money involved. Prize money which you yourself put an excellent effort into raising.
  12. It would appear you do not like questions. Should I be afraid the police might arrive at my door? Oh so an open race did allow loading in a lay by. OK for everyone else but not for Gartcosh.
  13. I do not think they sent 128 pigeons. Maybe the no layby rules have not been adhered to.
  14. It is a while since I left school but the numbers competing do not add up. The club results show Alexandria 42 birds. Barrhead 68. Johnstone 4. Bridge of weir 8. Kilbarchan 6. Clydebank 51. Kisyth 40.. Campsie 7. Total race birds 238. Why is the fed result showing 366 birds racing. A difference of 128. Strange.
  15. Due to a software malfunction combined with over 700 birds being timed the result will not be available until tomorrow afternoon. Returns from the race appear to have been excellent. Apologies to all for the delay.
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