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  1. I think it's been more difficult in the west with this wind. I have one at 20:54 and one at 21:35. They just ran out of daylight. I wonder what the morning will bring.
  2. Tony---best possible start then.
  3. Good decision given the conditions I hope.
  4. Novice

    SNFC Newbury

    Let's hope all racing this weekend is a big success for the clubs, the members and above all the pigeons returning home.
  5. It's a very sad situation with no solution at the moment. You have my sympathy
  6. Novice

    SNFC Newbury

    I think I'll send about 10 to the only National open to the Nation. Wanstead Flats with the SNRPC. I do, however, hope both clubs have a great race.
  7. Racing with the Caledonian Combine from Leicester 266 miles I have 8 missing from 31 sent. The race seemed a bit strange after timing 3 together there were many gaps.
  8. I think it's pretty practical given the accuracy of present day forecasting. Within reason there are weekends when it will not be possible to to liberate in certain areas. Under these conditions we need to look at alternative sites. It wasn't my suggestion but perhaps a bit too progressive for pigeon fanciers.
  9. Point taken but it is east of middle which is good enough for me.
  10. The suggestion to go to whatever coast offers the best weather is, in my opinion, one of the most logical I have heard. It wouldn't cost a penny as we are already measured for most race points anyway.
  11. Not so good on the east coast. Needless to say that's where we are. Well we are at Leicester. Sun almost splitting the trees here now in the west.
  12. Bright and sunny in Ayrshire. Very little wind at all. In my opinion it is an ideal racing day at the home end at least.
  13. On a very similar theme there was an article in a year book a few years ago written by Phillipe Martin. It was about a leading Belgian fancier by the name of Ferdinand Hamplet (spelling from memory could be erroneous). He raced his birds to boxed on the courtyard wall. They were high and access for the fancier was from inside the building to which they were attached. I believe the Belgian name was Kotjes. If this is of interest PM me and I will look for the article.
  14. That's right. Keith's set up is well publicised. He has been racing from this setup for a while now. I am sure he will help with advice.
  15. not sure whether I detected some cynicism here.
  16. Actually what I said was correct. The extent to which lime will increase the pH at the concentration these guys are talking about will kill most bacteria. I am surprised it hasn't killed some pigeons by now. Bacteria don't like change of any kind to their living conditions but can adapt to any conditions if these are constant. They even find increases in salinity difficult to cope with. The affinity for water of lime used as a floor dressing will depend on which type is used CaCO3,CaO or Ca(OH)2. Having worked with Lime in industry for years I would never use it in the loft. I would be likely to suffer a burn neven mind the pigeons.
  17. Provided it's eating that's good. Try to not over do it on the peanuts meantime. Possibly about a dozen now then try again in 2 hours time. It's just like ourselves we can overload the system.
  18. If by any chance you have peanuts in the house the bird may accept the kernals from these as an emergency measure.
  19. Strangely both lime and cider vinegar are opposites. Cider vinegar will make the water acidic while lime will make it alkaline. I suppose either could kill bacteria in the gut.
  20. Bright with a strong N/E wind in Ayrshire
  21. Novice

    race day

    Timed from Wakefield 191 miles liberated at 10:30 timed 14:59 2 birds within a minute then waited about 10 minutes for more. Remainder are gappy.
  22. Ayrshire Federation liberated at Wakefield at 10:30
  23. Good point. I wonder if they even thought of that when they made up the race program
  24. Ayrshire--dry sun showing through about 80% cloud cover. Cool easterly breeze blowing
  25. I see the forecast wind is likely to be 10-15 mph North East. Difficult race in prospect.
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