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  1. I've just received this request in my Club's Facebook page, can anyone throw any light on the matter. Good Afternoon My name is Derian Rosario and I am wondering if you or your organization could point me in a direction to do some research. I was going through some of my deceased mothers things in a trunk and I found a trophy, her maiden name was Hill. The silver cup was awarded to a T Hill in 1907 from the Uphall Homing Society. It may be a Scottish organization but I haven’t found any references on the internet to it. Any information or a direction to look for more information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my note. Respectfully
  2. DEFRA did an in depth risk assessment in 2017 which should still stand as nothing has changed, still the same virus and 'risks' .Money for old mates. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/599998/qra-avian-flu-racing-pigeons.pdf
  3. It would seem that if you're young and fit symptoms are very light. After playing Arsenal all Portsmouth FC's players were tested with four proving positive, two had absolutely no idea they were infected, one had an insignificant cough and the other said his sense of taste had changed, so you can be unaware you have this virus, but can still spread it and that's the problem for the younger ones in our society. A 'DIN' an idiot in Pompey slang.
  4. My Club races N & S so I have two Club races every week plus whatever National Races I enter into.
  5. My current oldest is a 2003 BC Cock that flew well for me, bit doddery but is the missus' favourite and gets a regular diet of peanuts.
  6. RPRA Rule 149. The rules of an Organisation must state the name of the Organisation, the location of its headquarters and the boundaries within which the lofts of all affiliated club members must be situated in order to qualify for membership of the Organisation
  7. Good to report that the HMS Warrior webcam is up and running again after a long lay off, good for South Coast weather with a selection of 360deg viewpoints. http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  8. I bought 7 bird and 15 bird baskets from Boddy & Ridewood some years back and they're still good. http://www.pigeons.co.uk/pigeon-baskets.html
  9. Any one on here who uses Pigeon Chat having any difficulty accessing the site, I'm just getting 'Bad Gateway' messages and 'site not found'.
  10. If you buy it, whatever you do don't have a good sniff, it'll knock your head off. I've used it this year ended up with a flock of healthy YBs, whether it helped I don't know but I'm going to use it in future. At 1ml per litre it's not that expensive and it has a long life in the water. Best if you buy a 5l tub and split it. Had good reports from fanciers who have used it for several years. The feeling is it help keeps the flock healthy, you will still lose the odd YB but using this seems to stop spread. It has excellent reviews from the pheasant industry. https://www.quillproductions.co.uk/collections/pigeon-vitamins-organic-acids-supplements/products/quill-boost-1-litre https://www.quillproductions.co.uk/collections/pigeon-vitamins-organic-acids-supplements
  11. Seems to be up and running again but been told to expect more possible issues while they are changing their server.
  12. Anyone on here also on Pigeon Chat who are experiencing any problems with the site, I'm getting a lot of error messages and I can't post to contact anybody on it.
  13. It must be very difficult putting broken birds on widowhood, as soon as they are separated they will go looking for the hens and the old loft is a magnet as they know there were hens there. Haven't you considered a spell on racing Natural before they are put on widowhood, they are keeping themselves fit at the moment with their searching but they need to see the hens more and realise that they are only in the new loft. The upside is that they do plenty of ranging while at exercise, the downside being is the new loft the foremost thought in their mind during racing.
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth will be leaving Portsmouth Harbour at 12.45 for a set of sea trials, this website will give good views as she sails past. http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  15. If it's just for one Race I'm sure that a local Club would lend the use of their laptop with a program on it. Just a case of adding a race and deleting it afterwards.
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