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  1. I don't know how to on here I can send it via Facebook if that helps it's pent roof 3 sliding doors 3 drops above the doors poly front for windows made by park hall loft Il take it down if that helps fully sectional Il take it down if that helps fully sectional Il take it down if that helps fully sectional Il take it down if that helps fully sectional
  2. This is tim hall yes that won the yb national I don't keep birds never have since I packed up glad the birds are doing ok John the loft is great condition it's just used for storage I don't know how to put pics up on here
  3. 5 year old park hall loft £550 good condition can be moved in 4 weeks nr Berwick upon tweed
  4. rentokill cull all the pigeons at my work by live trapping them iv told him to send all the racers to me today he came with this yellow cock its a realy nice bird (looks like a stock pigeon due to its condition ect)so can anyone tell me whos it is cheers tim
  5. im through dial direct for my 4x4 pick up
  6. iv even used a remote control helicopter that worked a treat
  7. cut there food i bet there a bit on the fat side
  8. well done andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on you
  9. no the buzzards attacked it realy bad :~):~)
  10. cheers il ring tomorrow when there is no race on,i dont think that percy will be getting many more pigeons tho ;~)
  11. iv just watched a hen perigrin take a red cheq racer on the field at the back of my garden they went to the ground then has percy started to pluck it 2 buzzards chased her off then she flew onto some wires the buzzards flew away i went over and took the ring off the bird 5mis later percy came back down for another feed 150yds from where i was standing the ring number of the bird is SU10 AF 2335 it was a blood red sorry to give the owner the bad news
  12. shes stunnin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id give her something to drink and not out of my sock ;~)))
  13. shotgun tim


    dog or *expletive removed*? and can i ask why??
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