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  1. think that must be the lowest entry for a gold cup race sadly sign of the times
  2. why is lanarkshire wanting to go back down the west route did they not learn there leason from the last time yous went down the west pigeon men never learn
  3. think the controllers had no option to try for a liberation although conditions were`nt perfect because with the forecasts there was a chance the pigeons could still be sitting at maidstone waiting to be liberated
  4. what nobody seems to be taken into consideration is the drivers/convoyers if say the pigeons get into france the drivers/convoyers wille to take a test before going and take a test to return now if the birds did get into france and france remains in a red zone is the snfc going to pay for the drivers/convoyers to be put up in hotels ???
  5. well if the restrictions don,t get lifted you know who to blame the idiots who cant stick to the rules
  6. thought that was against the rules because of bird flu
  7. still canny train untilbird flu restiction are lifted
  8. stick to the rules or you will not get raceing at all
  9. you deserve it hope it was appreciated
  10. tyson


    forcast isnt that bad excet for a strong north wind probably best for y/birds to wait till sunday lighter winds
  11. hexam is different for south road birds lanarkshire birds from hexam head up peregrine alley moffat m74
  12. tyson


    the weather was crap up the west side when you liberated at hexam birds didna have much chance of getting through
  13. mist/fog down east side could linger all day same sunday
  14. did'nt give them much time to get a drink
  15. think about this you were basketing youngbirds in a hot day and how many were you puting in your crates a lot of these yongbirds would be getting dehydrated before they got to race point how many would take a drink if they could get to drinkers that is probaly what has happened today seen it yesterday was out fishing at my fisherie just south of sutra hill when a batch of 12 youngbirds landed looking for a drink this is the problem to many in baskets and birds cant get to drinkers
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