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  1. Yes they would be but my understanding is that if an employee is furloughed then they are not allowed to work so their employers no longer pay their wages for the duration. The health of the employees is the primary concern but the fact they are not working from home suggests thatWestminster are paying their wages. There must be a horrendous backlog of work awaiting their return.
  2. I agree but I assume the decision was financially motivated.
  3. It’s good that you share your experience on this forum. Occasionally what appears to be Canker is not actually canker but a symptom caused by a Herpes Virus. There is no way of telling the difference reliably without medical assistance.
  4. No never. It is very similar to the dried milk powder given to calves under certain circumstances. Golden boost was an Old Hand product.
  5. First introduced in year 2000. I believe it helps boost immunity in youngsters if used properly.
  6. Looks good David I wish you every success at your new location.
  7. Great to read your notes once againPeter. This year I think we will enjoy a much more relaxing hobby without the pressures of racing. What a godsend the birds have been during this time of social distancing.
  8. That is really a complete waste of money.
  9. Personally I vaccinate my birds every season to provide the protection they deserve. Having seen P.M.V. many years ago I prefer never to encounter it again. At one point in time I was told by Tom Pennicoat of SAC at Auchincruive that the length of immunity gained from a single vaccination was variable. Birds were vaccinated and tested at intervals for antibodies against P.M.V. In some cases the antibodies could not be detected 10 months after vaccination. I doubt if the vaccine will have been improved since then. I don’t know whether egg producers vaccinate or not against Newcastle Disease but I do know they vaccinate against Marek’s Disease which is a killer. They can buy vaccine much more cheaply than pigeon vaccine particularly because they buy in bulk so you are probably correct to say we are lining someone’s pocket. I hope this has given you some food for thought on this lockdown Saturday- where would we be without pigeons.
  10. Manufacturers advice suggests that, below 3 weeks of age the youngster still has immunity from the parents. If vaccinated while carrying the inherited immunity the vaccine cannot work properly. I’m not trying to be a know all but to prevent someone making a potentially costly mistake.
  11. Great news Alan. Time to just take it easy and recharge the batteries
  12. Novice


    Hopefully sorted now Mick
  13. Sadly pigeon racers will be cast in the same mould as these guys. They didn’t even have the common sense to speak without expletives on camera. As far as the film production was concerned that was poor. Some background information and an explanation of what they were trying to achieve would have helped the public’s understanding.
  14. The main benefits of a North facing loft is that the birds tend to moult slightly more slowly and also hit form later in the season.
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    Do you not feel that adding aniseed oil encourages the birds to eat much more than they actually require. I feel Matrix has aniseed added for this purpose. The birds eat more and the manufacturer sells more.
  16. If the problem is bumblefoot then the cause is bacterial and may respond to an antibiotic.
  17. I have just read on Facebook that there may be a closure of the M6 on 3 successive weekends in January. Obviously anyone travelling will need more clarity .
  18. If you use Nobilis (as I do ) it is important that the vaccine is about room temperature of 20 degrees.
  19. Novice


    Misprint Derek should read MNFC.
  20. It’s great to see you posting again Peter. Never heed Jamieson.
  21. If you know the right people you can have the ring scanned and this will show a loft number.
  22. I have one but don’t know how to post it on here. I can send it in messenger or e mail and you can post it if you like.
  23. I’ll try to contact a good samaratin tonight and phone Raymond. Hopefully these will be uplifted by the weekend if not before hand. I have relayed this message to Raymond .
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