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  1. Hi class winners Racing Jim Hughes x 3 J McCord W Massey & Son x 2 Best racer W Massey & Son Show racer J A Bell x 3 N Yule Jennifer Dunn G Tytler Best show racer J A Bell
  2. How’s race going 16/30 with midlothian bit sticky to say the least
  3. Central and east of Scotland combine approx 4.000 birds off Melton Mowbray 06.30 no wind
  4. Midlothian at Catterick 11.05 SSE
  5. b.massey


    We’ve went back to Beyers use the Enzymix range for the recup build up and then the energy later in season
  6. b.massey

    Unikon ETS

    There is one of Billy Ayres going Unikon champ 1 pad 1 pocket clock £300
  7. 07368242784 thats number I’ve put 1 extra 8
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