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  1. I’m no wrong Tommy they were furloughed by the management committee 100% accurate. They may well be in the at risk category but it wasn’t their decision to close the office. The inference every time I see a post about this is that Linda and Anne just bolted and left people in the lurch. Nothing could be further from the truth. Except you saying clubs had been informed about how marking Doos would/should be carried out. 😉😉
  2. It’s not the staff who decided to close up shop and it won’t be the staff who decide when the office will open again. The management committee made the decision and it will be them who reverse it when they deem it safe to do so. SIMPLES !!
  3. That’s a lie Tommy, I’m secretary of our club and a text message saying go out and buy PPE disnae qualify as being told what we require on race marking nights. IF we start on the 23rd we should race a full program on a Saturday to the end of July and go straight into the yb program the first Sat in August. Typical when a wee bit common sense is needed we get a hair brain decision taken.
  4. Just started playing about August time Mick so ye can imagine the standard í ½í¹ˆí ½í¹ˆí ½í¹ˆ But I enjoy the craic with the guys and in amongst 7’s 11’s 16’s and 26’s (I hate 26’s í ½í¸¡ï¿½) I have managed 6 x 180’s in practice. Yet to win a game in earnest though !!! Think that target will be a long time coming í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚
  5. JohnQuinn


    Every box has a half brick like Roland describes unfortunately the Ck is a big bugger so she still wasn’t able to escape him in the box.
  6. JohnQuinn


    Naw Andy its a stock hen. That result was of my own making I’m ashamed to admit. Decided I would put her to a new Ck this year. The day before the hen paired to the Ck last year got into the section and they re paired. I stupidly removed her one day and introduced that hen the next, Bad Management !!! Should not have put her in with the Ck for at least a week and should have let them into the aviary first to make sure they had taken before she was even put into the box. Feckin eejit 🙈🙈
  7. JohnQuinn


    I know Exactly how you feel !!
  8. There has been one exactly as ye describe on the old Ravenscraig site for a couple of years Stuart and for the life of me a canny figure out what it is either.
  9. Abidec out the chemist Mick, powerful multivit ye mix with water
  10. Sure is Tam and like a said all along it was F all to do way East v West. Cheers
  11. Haw Tam you know F all about my appeal. 🖕🻠Ye were sh** on and ye don't even realise it coz ye don't know rules or how tae apply them. cheers
  12. Only One third tae force an EGM George. Two thirds to change the constitution/rules. 😉
  13. Aye but no the day Dunc. Been following R Fahey/P Hannigan for a wee while. He had a 50/1 winner in a race the other day and I never bet it
  14. Green Door E/W 4:45 race. Am on at 20's it's now 16's.
  15. Well done Roy and you Paul, guys have been gutted and will be very grateful to get their birds back. Nice One ðŸ‘
  16. Airdrie and District ring...Ian Rankin 01236 766101. Cheers
  17. Winners are just as hard on their doos as they were 30yrs ago. The guys who "get a turn" (me) aren't as hard on theirs as the guys who top the sheet on a regular basis. The guys who never get a turn have Pets. So for me there has been little change since the 70's & 80's. Jmo
  18. Everything counts this season !!! 😃 Am 4 short aff the loft the day expletive remove. Seen them split about 1/2ml fae me but never seen Why they did but it looked very like Percy went through them....Nae surprise a Red Griz is missing
  19. JohnQuinn


    Wouldn't be clashing libbing at 06.30, racepoint and route 100%
  20. SomEven light at the end of the tunnell then Andy.
  21. Glasgow boys are getting them steady, so far! out of Dunbar. Hope yours start rolling in soon mate.
  22. C'mon noo Tam yer perches must be filling up by now. 😅 You at Ridsdale Andy ?
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