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  1. Are there any feds racing today up through the borders into Scotland. It’s no a trick question just a friend of mine has 9 birds missing from the loft since letting them out at 08:30 this morning. Couple of them raced yesterday others last week but he hasn’t seen a feather all morning and thinks maybe they’re been picked up by a batch of racers. ???
  2. Gutsy Doo Wullie well done for having the courage to send her and know she was capable of it. Would love to know her breeding and prep for Maidstone.
  3. The measure of Great Success does not always come from the performance of bird and fancier. The measure comes from looking at all the great fanciers Never to have won the Gold Cup, that’s the Real Measure of Greatness. 👋👋👋
  4. No superlatives required from me, David knows the Respect I have for him and for how long. ðŸ™
  5. Squeaky bum time for all you guys that have entered. Good luck and returns to you all. 🤞🤞 Very good luck to you Davie here’s hoping you have a good race ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  6. Best of luck Watty, forecast for Friday looks very favourable for the West Region and Solway fanciers to win the ultimate prize in Scottish pigeon racing. Unfortunately I have nothing ready for it but wish all fanciers sending the very best of luck from what may well be the biggest Gold Cup entry in a generation going by reports I've had of the teams some fanciers are sending. Reading your post you certainly have done your best by your birds and your results in previous races are a clear indication you know how to condition them for these races. Nothing would please me more than verifying yer winner 🤞🤞🤞👣
  7. 4 away to it, 2 x 2yr olds and 2 yrlgs. Only 388 Doos went through at Uddingston but it’s our Open race tomorrow and I suspect a lot of fanciers have kept their Doos, or some of them, for that race.
  8. Morning men looks like it’s gonna be a nice day waiting for the birds returning 🤞
  9. Had another waiting on me when I got in from work last night. My wee mam said she arrived about 9am but wouldn’t go in for her. 10/11 now. Bonus Red Ch hen also waiting that I dropped tossing for the race on Sat morning.
  10. He's never been one always the other 😂😂😂
  11. 9/11 nothing this morning. Last one was about 6:15 last night.
  12. The truth of this delay will never be known. Read the rule book, unless a Saturday race is IMPOSSIBLE the birds should be on site ready to go. If circumstances dictate we can’t race on the day (weather being the ONLY consideration) then a holdover is invoked. Absolutely the weather forecast does not indicate its IMPOSSIBLE to race tomorrow. Every official in our Fed better enjoy the rest of this season because Not One of them will be in situ next year. They are all equally responsible for the shambolic way things have been managed this year so they will all be ordinary members next year and new drivers will be employed who will do their job dictated to by the New president.
  13. Lot of guess work on what the problem might be or how it transpired. Question you need to ask yourself is if you get a sick bird or several sick, what chance do they have of beating robust healthy Ybs in the race basket that have never been sick. Between Higgy and myself we have used colombovac (me) and Nobilis (Higgy) on our Ybs this year. i have had One bird go sick on me, one I brought in from another loft. I believe Higgy also has one go back and had to be disposed of. So whilst you might get to the root cause of this it does not disguise the fact there is a weakness in their immunity that will inevitably show up when they’re asked a question in the race basket. If your early bred Ybs are ok in the race loft then I think your efforts will be better spent looking after them and getting them ready for racing rather than look to cure these ones of whatever issue is causing them to fall sick. Those that don’t take sick should be the focus of your attention not trying to fix the ones who are showing a weakness. Even if they are bred from the same stock birds there is clearly a difference between nests. So my advice is cut yer losses and crack on way yer healthy Ybs and if yer older stock birds show signs of illness then don’t use them again. Jmo
  14. The statement from the President that we would go to Kelso midweek and Ripon today, also said that the last published program would be adhered to until the end of the season. So no matter what opinions individuals have there was no planned midweek race this week, so I don’t expect there to be one, and the yearling derby is next Saturday from Worksop and I would expect that to remain the case. I wouldn’t mind one bit getting a race midweek but the statement was made and we have no right within the rules of the Fed to ask for, or in some cases demand, a race until next Saturday. So we need to take it upon ourselves to get the birds ready for 200mls next week.
  15. Another reclection of the class of the man.
  16. I delivered a letter to Cammy last year. (Long before this lockdown business) I never felt the need to knock on his door or have any discussion with him regarding the content of the letter. If you are advised to deliver a letter to the Secretary because you feel a postal route would be too long then you go to the door, pop it through the letterbox and go home. You are then contacted in due course by the committee regarding the content of the letter. At no time, whether cordial or aggressive in manner, should you engage with the Secretary. What makes this particular incident unseemly is due to health issues Cammy and his family are shielding meaning No One should be making direct contact with him. Not for any reason because there is NO justifiable reason for it. He does not make decisions he administrates the Federation business via the Committee so speaking with him is futile too. Everyone in this Fed knows the rules regarding lodging requests or complaints. It goes in writing and is POSTED to the Sec or in this instance posted through his door and left at that to be dealt with accordingly.
  17. Bird in Woodside area of Aberdeen with an old lady looking to get it repatriated with its owner. I don’t have any further details at this time but if you’re in that area and would like to help gimme your details and I’ll pass them on and hopefully save the day for it
  18. New Stevenston 8 members sent approx 220 birds
  19. JohnQuinn

    Jock Alston

    There’s no substitute for Class Alan and Jock Alston has it in abundance, always has done. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  20. I find it very hard to envisage the polis turning a transporter round and sending it home because it’s more than 5 miles away from its area. The problem with contradicting messages arises from the NIPA SHU WHU & RPRA agreeing the RPRA would make representations for all the governing bodies. It wasn’t anticipated we would all have different times for easing the restrictions hence the confusion. If some of the stuff I’ve read is true the Welsh lads are behind everyone else and aren’t getting training at all not even from 5 miles, stand to be corrected on that right enough.
  21. JohnQuinn


    Aye a see the difficulties you guys would have, was just a thought I had. Would like to think the GC would be raced for but maybe Alan is right we might no get any channel races in this year.
  22. JohnQuinn


    If you got a vote on what we should do what would you propose ?? That’s an open question to everyone not just George. Personally I would like 1 inland race fae Buckingham the Gold Cup and Ypres. Inland race 1st Sat in July and the other two the last two Sat’s in July.
  23. Are you actually advocating rules be followed Tommy ?? They say there’s a first for everything but I never seen this wan 🤣🤣🤣
  24. This gives us some insight to the phased return. The full details of the relaxing of restrictions is a very lengthy document but doesn’t give a definite timeline for each phase but going from phase 1 to 2 is based on a 3 week decline in the numbers of new infections, hospital admissions and deaths among other things. So it’s feasible we can race on the 3rd Saturday in June if the numbers keep falling.
  25. Fud and everyone knows it. Last reply 👆ðŸ»
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