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  1. Better an empty house than a bad Tennant Stevie. The controllers of the SNFC races have lost more pigeons than any other in history. They are unfit to do the job and should resign NOW!!! The committee can take over the job until the AGM when another team can be elected. If no one takes the job then the committee sort it. These shambolic races have been too frequent to come to any other conclusion than the controller/s are not capable. This thread has focused on this one race but this team have delivered disaster after disaster, how many more lofts do they ruin before they are voted out?? Coz they dont have the dignity to Resign. Ps. A wisnae away so a ain't crying over spilled milk
  2. Well done to all the birds timed tonight but a particular well done to two of our own Colin and Stevie, yer hard work has paid off guys and am delighted for you both 👠👠ðŸ‘
  3. That's an Uddingston ring Jim. Phone Cammy and he'll tell who it belongs to.
  4. Happy Birthday Paul, hope your having a good day. 🎂
  5. Well done her, that's a wee heart warmer on a miserable night ðŸ‘
  6. It had taken my old 2004 Cattrysse Ck (father of my loft) a blue yrlg hen and a yrlg Ck I bred especially to pair tae my Reims hen, half Bro to her..... that's when I tippled the problem wasn't in the sky. Doos are still feart as hell when they're oot despite the problem getting sorted a fortnight ago......whits yer best guess as tae how long it'll take them tae get their confidence back ??
  7. Took a weeks holiday for this race coz a missed ma hen coming last year but am no sending. Was 6 weeks into the program (3 no times) before discovering the missing tail feathers and feather scarring on their wings was a bloody cat at the loft and no Percy in the sky. Doos still feart tae fly down to the garden for a peck about so am just gonna have tae bite the bullet, write this year aff and wait til next year.
  8. 20641 – 21840 IR62 LISBURN AND DISTRICT H P S Mr Dennis Clements, 28 Spruce Street, Lisburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland BT27 4UP. Tel: 02892 661898
  9. That's no string George its worn Hessian from the cloth in the baskets. Nae shock tae me all considered
  10. Despite all the negatives about this race it has to be said Mary Pryde has done a first class job publishing a result with, if my counting is right, 701 pigeons on it in 3 days flat, so Well Done Mary ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  11. Fantastic pigeon man and proper gentleman, well done Willie 👠Wee mention for my friend and club mate Robert Clarke taking 3rd Sec 25th Open with the wee doo he was 14th Open Buckingram with, well done mate am delighted for yeðŸ‘👌
  12. Fantastic news for all their family and well done Peter White, when ye stop being sick you'll realise what an achievement you've gained 👠👠ðŸ‘
  13. Some terrific doos timed yesterday and like Watty I feared the worst when the thunder arrived but I got 3/4, off the pace, so not a bad race all considered. Big well done tae all the Lanarkshire timers, I hope the race is won by GWP Macaloney as I hear George is very ill just now and a 1st Open would give him a lift I'm sure.
  14. Fancied Juve since they beat Bayern early on, they were 14/1 at the time and a never bet it :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  15. It was ace ertised as a sale for Transport Funds, tae me that's keeping a lorry on the road or getting new baskets, no paying your doos for ye
  16. I participated by buying a doo Davie but I didn't realise it was to pay birdages, I honestly do not think that is appropriate.
  17. Very best of luck and full returns Lindsay
  18. A canny believe a sale was allowed tae subsidise yer racing, some neck on yeez getting other fanciers tae pay for yer racing. I hope ye paid the £30 sellers fee coz that ain't charity
  19. Aye that Budgie is hopeless Tam :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  20. Used to shoot them and hang them up in full view of the others, worked !!!
  21. Result of today's race from Leicester....Another win for the in form loft of J J & K Gillon
  22. Club returns 0/2 2/5 1/11 2/16 4/10 0/6 and one respectable 15/30......... We've brought it on ourselves tae :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  23. Should have made it 26hrs coz the early morning isn't suitable tae lib, does give the doos more time tae take a drink though I suppose.
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