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  1. One of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet additionally one of the finest fanciers in the country. RIP. Deepest condolences to Malcolm and the rest of the family at this most difficult of times. ðŸ™ðŸ™
  2. You must think ppl are thick tae believe that nonsense
  3. JohnQuinn

    U N C

    How is this race unfolding ??
  4. 3,400+ Doos still no accounted for. Might be a few crackers in but that figure is the wan that counts !!!
  5. Bet ye wish ye could take that back Andy......â€Respite†🤮
  6. There is NO GOLD CUP RACE this year. Guernsey is the nominated racepoint to count towards Gold/Silver awards. Other than that the race will be no more than any other race. The usual trophies will not be presented to the race winners it will be one off trophies for the fanciers who win. On that basis a don’t see what odds it makes when it is. Personally I woulda stuck to the traditional date for the GC but I won’t lose sleep over it.
  7. In last night, anyone ? Could defo get it to Addiewell possibly up into Edinburgh and have it tossed. 100% fit enough tae get tossed
  8. That particular issue I mean Jamie, didn’t know about Watty’s doo so you’re 100% right it’s no good enough. Still think though if the fanciers involved are ok way the result standing then it should be left at that. Whoever tops the Fed (a don’t know) could be winning it for the first and last time in their life. Should we really be denying someone that accolade because of an event, that given the club involved, could have affected the Fed result, but they still don’t object to it. A think if the men involved are happy to leave it then it’s none of my business or anyone else’s to object. Jmo I see a dooman is being looked for to convoy, good start to fixing the problem i’d say. An early escape is our biggest nightmare coz like it or lump it the race is void and the guy at the top of what’s a fake result will never know if his doo was the best on the day or an escapee that got a start. Imagine being in that position !!!
  9. If no objection to the result is lodged the result stands. If the fanciers involved don’t lodge wan, a don’t think they are going to either, then i don’t see it being anyone else’s business, they came After the winners were in so don’t interfere in the result. Sometimes common sense has to prevail and I reckon this is one of those times. Jmo
  10. The reasons given were nonsense not the result of the vote. Read posts correctly before answering and you won’t look as stupid.
  11. Big Ally strikes again, no words can quantify this man and his birds performances, I’ll just say unbelievably fantastic ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  12. Cheers Andy, no adverse effects at all with the first one but a sore arm for a few days after the second one. A put that down tae the nurse because of the way she done it, in fact I knew as soon as I got it that it would be problematic, she just didn’t deliver it properly. I done the Flu vaccine program so know how it should have been injected. But I’m covered so all good in the end.
  13. Best race of the season so far with only 3ypm splitting the 3 section winners. Wee bite of a North wind is a great leveller. Big Well Done tae Jackie Cook on a fine win ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  14. NHS employee so had both mine, got the 2nd on 6th of April. Pfizer vaccine.
  15. Magic Craig, it’s been coming since the first race mate yer Doos have been flying great. A day never to be forgotten ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  16. With an aviary attached 12 pairs wouldn’t be overcrowding it.
  17. Better to give Mary a good president to work with that will take the club forward. She is a very very able Sec imo and would be a loss to the club. Mind ye don’t get the best on the cheap, to me she is worth every h’penny of her salary.
  18. The first thing Lan Fed done when we got the new transporters was put a bid in to convoy the SNFC birds. At £1,000 LESS than we were being charged at the time by McCord, it got flung out without as much as a discussion and the committee came up way the “only wicker baskets can be used†nonsense. This week saw the club take a Massive step backwards. If Davidson didn’t want to step up or was unable to do so then John Leggate should have been instated as President until the next AGM absolutely no way a vote should have been taken on it. Only voting should have been for a new JVP to take John’s place, that is Protocol and they know that as well as I do. Of course all these things Might have been discussed but I was sent to the wrong venue, clearly imo my views weren’t welcome if every other member got the right information and I was the only one told it was at Newmains. Given no one else did turn up there I can only assume I was the only one told Newmains and how that can come about accidentally I cannot figure out.
  19. I disagree Tommy I think it’s exactly what we should be doing. 6 races or not we would be dependent on nobody then and the convoyer and more importantly the Doos can travel in a wee bit luxury for a change.
  20. Am talking about the club buying it’s own no using someone else’s, so we buy what we need and in the event we need tae rent more space there are now plenty options in the country, though they’re all wrong using them !!!
  21. You’re 100% right though about the whole country being considered, for that reason the 12 men need to come country wide and be able to compromise, done for the benefit of the Doos and no tae meet their own ends. On the subject of transportation the whole of Europe are basically using the wrong transport if you take on the view of some. Let’s no beat about the bush as soon as Lan Fed got new motors the SNFC blocked using Geraldy motors with some of those baseless arguments I referred to earlier, yet they are used by the vast majority of countries across Europe in higher temperatures week on week than we get, but they are All wrong and a few Scotsmen know better, it’s beyond me.
  22. No me Tommy she lies tae me 😂😂😂😂
  23. I really don’t see complaining about money going into the club is an issue. What’s wrong with having a big bank balance ?? I canny see the problem. The only problem I see with it is no one puts in proposals on what to do with it. It’s the members money, each and every one of ours but nobody seems to want to spend it. Buy our own transporter with it, brand new state of the art transport to benefit the birds but we as a club can’t even agree what the best transportation is. The birds are still eating food mixed with droppings and drinking from water shared by umpteen baskets and that’s just asking for the spread of disease through them. As a group pigeon fanciers are so stuck in the past and bear grudges decades old that prevent progress. Baseless arguments put up to score points against others that aren’t liked whether their ideas have credence or not, we ALL KNOW that’s true but let things fester and allow the same people to dictate to the rest of us. The club needs 12 good HONEST men to stand up and take us into a brighter future. Are YOU willing to be one of those men ??? Mirror is in yer bathroom.
  24. My advice for what it’s worth is to prepare yer Doos for this program. This is based on the stipulations being enforced regarding poultry entering the continent. Our problems began when pigeons were clubbed in with chickens etc as poultry and not being regarded solely as a sporting bird and separate entity from birds transported for the dinner tables of the Europeans. As for Belgium being an option No program has been agreed for racing out of Belgium other than Ypres on the original program voted on by the members so how will we get 4 races out of there at this late stage. My only comment regards Guernsey is God help the Doos............All comments above are JMO.
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