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    Cheers Mick atb mate ðŸ‘
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    Mary Pryde is imo an excellent Sec Tommy and does not make decisions. She is an employee of the club and takes direction from the President.
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    No it wasn’t Mick, I 100% assure you my letter states Newmains
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    There was a meeting called only last week for the management committee last night. Being on the committee off I went to the meeting only to find I was on my jack and there was no meeting. Andrew was appointed President when or by whom I do not know because there was no meeting to select a new President and I for one did not receive any communication regarding the appointment. Make of all that what you will, suffice to say I am no longer a committee member and neither is John Leggate who was the Elected JVP of the club. There are protocols that MUST be met when events like those that have occurred over the past few weeks arise but they were not met which imo is nothing short of disgraceful behaviour by those who took this decision without consulting the Full management committee.
  5. Has Boris got a gun licence dae ye think 😱
  6. If I’m reading this right we have the chance to race from the continent this year IF the avian flu over there is brought under control. Then from October we are required to meet the quarantine regulations relating to livestock movement. Long time ‘til next year and things could change but if they don’t then we can forget channel racing in future and be reliant on Guernsey as a VERY POOR substitute for Reims, Troyes or any other test of the true distance racing we want. Be as well way a greyhound at Shawfield if that’s gonna be the case.
  7. There was a boy born with no eyelids and after much consideration surgeons decided circumcision was the only viable option to use the skin for eyelids. Was nearly a success too, but the boy was just a bit cock eyed.
  8. When the rule was put in place that all pads had to be “over the threshold†of the loft and checked by club officials there were members all over the country telling their club officials to get tae F, some threatened physical violence when the officials tried to insist on applying the rule, so it was reviewed and given the very real intimidation of officials and the duty of the union not to put members in a threatening position it was dropped. This gave unscrupulous fanciers catre blanche tae suit themselves where the pads are positioned. So anyone who thinks it should be enforced form a sub committee within the club of those prepared to face up to the aggression and go round sealing pads into position instead of passing the buck to the usual couple of men who do everything else. Roland this is NOT directed at you at all, just generally to those who are of a mind to insist pads should be monitored.
  9. A can assure you all I was Sec of the club and the bill for 12 members was £180. I know all about the 50p but it wasn’t asked for or paid, imo that should be voluntary anyway as should all contributions to any charity. In Lan Fed the members are compelled to pay an extra 10p for their entry to a race for charity too, again imo that should be the fanciers choice not a stipulation of entry. I would pay it regardless, as would the vast majority I’m sure, but the point is it shouldn’t be compulsory. The dues for SHU membership is £15 and as has been pointed out the membership is falling so and extra 10p a week on top isnae gonna bust anyone and at the end of the day it would make ye union that bit more comfortable and there would be no need for them to insist ETS rings are bought from them only. Piece on nonsense that cannot possibly be monitored and is there to meet the demands of the companies not the members as it should Always be.
  10. How come it was £15 last year then Tommy ??
  11. If extra money is needed put the dues up a couple of quid, don’t conspire way ETS companies against the members. Should be at least £20 anyway but the old “status quo†is the first thing you hear when the subject of dues is brought up and pandemonium breaks out if they go up 50p. Ppl getting slated for it and every penny spent scrutinised.
  12. The question is how can this possibly be policed by the SHU?? In real terms the access to results, other than SNFC is nil, so if they don’t know what ring you timed with how can they hold anyone accountable for breaking this rule ?? It’s a piece of nonsense to protect their outlay on rings. A deal should never have been done with Unicom or any other company. It’s the fanciers business where he buys from or who. It’s high time they stopped conspiring with the company because all that achieves is the company’s continued stranglehold on the system users. There are never ending sources of rings at a reduced cost and I canny remember the last time I needed tae go tae the SHU for them.
  13. Cheers, we should aw just bite the bullet and go way the Ipigeon system It’ll tell the time the same as the others. Ring savings would soon make up the cost of it. Then the others would reconsider
  14. Had no idea Alex was unwell. Can only echo ye any comments of his humility and a true gentleman. R.I.P. Alex you will be missed.
  15. Yes Ian took over the Federation in 1972 when the Fed was on it’s knees financially because of poor management. His stewardship lasted 39yrs turning the Fed into the largest individual Federation in the UK and possibly Europe wide. He negotiated hard nosed deals throughout his time as secretary ensuring when he did step down the Fed was on a solid financial foundation to move forward and subsequently become self sufficient. To his family, of whom he was so proud of their achievements in life, and Ian Lindsay my most sincerest condolences to you all it’s a massive and very sad loss at what are already the most difficult times in all our lives. RIP Ian you will be remembered for many years to come. God Bless You.
  16. Aye they have us all by the haw maws John, hi time all rings were universal. Out of curiosity the guys that use bricon taurus or otherwise, what do you have to pay for yours ??
  17. Surprised, but pleasantly so, there are no scaremongering posts on this subject. It can’t come quickly enough and the sooner more become available the better. Particularly the Oxford one because it’s less sensitive to environmental changes making it much easier to distribute and store. As an NHS employee I will be one of the earliest to accept it but expect that to take up to 4-6 weeks, can’t come quickly enough imo. Interesting point made on this and the safety of it was a scientist stating that such are the levels of safety checks these days if Aspirin was presented as a new drug it wouldn’t get a licence due to the possible side effects it can cause, in the UK about 2 tons of it is consumed every week too. So I think that whilst there will undoubtedly those who get NASTY side effects the numbers will be around 0.0002% the numbers who have Mild side effects will be greater but it’s no more than a headache or flu like symptoms for a few days. Measure that against the side effects of catching covid it’s a no brainer and I hope the uptake of it reaches double that of those who accept the flu vaccine annually. Still questions to be answered about whether or not you can still pass covid on and whether it will be a one off or like the flu jab an annual vaccine but regardless it will prevent around 95% of people from catching covid and potentially losing their lives. In the meantime stay safe and don’t let your guard down over the festive period because if you do it may well be your or your family members last Christmas. !!!
  18. Take away Huntingdon and move Maidstone or even Buckingham to the 5th and it’s as good as it gets for a good GC entry, also leaving Federations a 3 week window to have their own individual longest inland race. Or perhaps combines could be formed throughout the country to have a coast race against our nearest neighbours.
  19. Seen a thing recently about the route an Osprey took from Northern Africa to Denmark. The significant thing about the route it chose was every time it had to cross a channel/sea of water it chose the shortest possible route, even though this added to the overall distance of its flight. Imo we should learn from this and set race points for our channel races that offer the birds the shortest possible channel crossing point/s. I cannot remember a single good race when the birds had to navigate the Cherbourg peninsula which leads to one of the longest stretches of water the birds have to get from mainland Europe into the UK. So, whilst an Easterly situated racing route does not suit some fanciers I think the welfare of the birds would be better served coming from the East of France or Belgium. As for distance I am a bit of a traditionalist and think the Gold Cup should be around 550mls into the central belt with the birds being libbed EAP. Jmo.
  20. JohnQuinn

    Ets Traps

    I definitely put a reply on this thread advising two sources ye can get exactly what Yer looking for Joe but I assume because they’re both independent businesses and it was Me who put the post up it was deamed to be advertising. Gimme a bell and I will put you onto them.
  21. The one thing about this site you can rely on is help to get started up in the sport for very little or No money. To receive the help so readily available we as a group expect to establish you are in fact a new starter and the minimum requirement from you is to let us know iwhere you are who you are and what club you have applied to or been accepted to join. So if you are transparent and are a genuine new starter your loft will be be filled with good stick from the very very generous members of the site. Many times on this and other sites posts just like your own have been put up by established fanciers who claim to be new starters but in fact end up selling on birds so kindly given by the members, So to get a better response and receive some very very good birds from the menbers, put you full name up on the thread where exactly you live and in which club you will or hope to race in. Otherwise I suspect you will receive no help astablishing yourself in the sport via this forum.
  22. Like a said learn tae spell
  23. Ye should get spelling lessons before ye take a dig at someone, mind the meeting is only the start no the outcome.
  24. When ye see results like that there’s no room for congratulating anyone else in his section. Total domination the likes of which has never been seen before. I don’t know the man but the fact Brian? Kelly managed to split Billy’s team is worth a mention. No one can claim it’s location when a man timed so many in such a short space of time. He is quite simply a superb fancier with the will and energy to bring the best out of his birds. Fantastic nothing less ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
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