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  1. Hook line and sinker 🤣🤣🤣
  2. It’s a sad day when aw you’ve got in life is putting Doos in a basket and tossing them. If you canny enjoy yer Doos around the loft and picking about yer feet yer no a doorman. Get yer sel a dug ye won’t be missed. Some cants need tae look in the mirror and recognise the cant looking back at them. .
  3. Naw no really Kevin I just think a lot of members have already decided they’re no racing this year. Personally I’m on a mission to reduce numbers so it’s every possible doo to every race we have. Think at least a 1/4 of members won’t risk their health or that of their family to race Doos. It may well prove to be the case they’ve had a change of heart now racing is possible but the tone of their conversation makes me think that’s unlikely.
  4. If a doo club has tae spend money tae get a Perspex screen they need tae take a look at themselves. If the same men agree to turn up every week tae put the Doos through al sort them out way PPF 3 standard masks anaw. However I fear my own club could struggle in that respect because, quite rightly!!! there are a lot of health issues and they might just write this year off so their loved ones are here next year. This cannot only be our club though so I wait with bated breath on the numbers sent by the Fed. For definite I’m Loused way club and Fed racing come September no matter how this year turns out.
  5. JohnQuinn


    Canny see any propaganda in the report, just reporting a crime like any other imo. Pity about the buzzard, otherwise well done the criminal, also jmo
  6. expletive remove I AGREE way ye Tommy, who’d have believed it !! 🤣🤣
  7. Aye for good reason Geo, there’s that many strangers the natives irnae even safe noo 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Heard the restrictions will be lifted the day except for Blantyre & Cambuslang areas. 😱😱 Personally think they shoulda put Hamilton in the mix tae. 😎
  9. Waste of money Higgy, your Doos are too nice looking tae get reported 😉😉
  10. Al put ma winners trophy fae the last time up anaw 😎😎 Started the final day fae two shots behind tae, no two in front !! 😉😉
  11. Fanciers in the NIPA could follow suit in the next 48 hours according to that statement today but they've to hawd their horses the now. Definite feeling that we are nearing the end of the restrictions. Think if the guys in N.I. get the go ahead to train then we will surely get the green light no long after them. The decision in the South will no doubt be an influential factor, one that will have no bearing on us but for all the good it could do it won’t do our case any harm.
  12. Ye must be losing it in Blanter right enough Geo, ye had a great season last year No training, you’d be Mad to change yer system it’ll only get better the longer ye stick way it !!
  13. A don’t talk tae ma sel Tommy I leave that for the minority 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Actually we couldn’t race tomorrow as we would be breaking the law but I’m sure you know what I meant.
  15. This is how it should be done and there’s no reason to think anyone would be in danger putting Doos through. They guys in the video are handling stuff with their bare hands and touching the clock and baskets on areas not wiped clean. No PPE worn by any of them so the guy bringing Doos can pass it to the guy picking his basket and clock up and he in turn passes it tae the guy marking. At no stage is that safe imo. The pic is from Portugal and assuming they’re using the sanitiser and washing hands then that’s as safe as can be. We could race tomorrow doing it their way.
  16. I never claimed tae be the brightest on social media Geo and I’m sure we will have that talk
  17. See if yer gonny insult a man do it to his face, that’s the first rule of the forum 😉
  18. Here we are nearly 10,000 views and 100+ comments on a thread that means nothing. Hope the gung-ho brigade will content themselves now and Wait for government advice saying we can race before starting meaningless speculative and ultimately divisive threads.
  19. Checked my rule book Tommy, racing rule 2 as you advised.
  20. Actually reading it carefully it states a member must present his birds to a minimum of 4 other responsible members. So the 4 responsible members Plus the man who’s birds are going through need to be present, that makes 5 Geo. Then it goes to a minimum of 4 members must be present when the transporter comes tae pick them up.
  21. Even better it was 5 when I was last on the committee, albeit that was about 8yrs ago ðŸ‘
  22. I think under the circumstances 2 workers and 1 observer should be permitted but the rule is 5 Geo no 4.
  23. NHS inform.......Social distancing to remain in place until October 2021. Includes no Social gathering of more than 4 ppl at a time. Workers will in certain circumstances will be exempt but PPE will be required where possible. So in other words any business big enough to contribute to the national economy and keep the fat cats in a manner they are accustomed to are good tae go !!! The rest of us are no worth bothering about.
  24. Go tae the meetings and you’ll know who the committee are. 😉 Read the comments you made on the other thread, ye clearly said clubs have been informed what to do regards marking which is simply untrue. IMO the thread should be removed because all it is doing is causing anxieties in people already feeling stressed about this whole situation we find ourselves in. Your disrespectful replies to some of the questions asked only fuels the fire.
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