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  1. Nae rod or line here either Derek We have already received the necessary paper work fae Cammy regards proposals for new officials. How it will progress from here i do not know, and believe me I've got PLENTY i want tae say about decisions taken, not only this season either, but I doubt very much that opportunity will arise because we are nearer going back into lockdown than we are moving into phase 4 of the covid plan. The sitting officials are elected for 1 year only, not until another AGM can be held, which imo will not be before the start of next season. So the main business of the fed (election of new officials) can, and Needs to be dealt with, 12 months after the previous one. As for the gripes I have and the long list of things I want to address well they will need to wait. In any case I'd be as well talking to ma doos about it because not a thing can be done about any of the issues, because like other issues I put in writing, they're all time barred now. I know F all about RPRA rules and have no interest in learning about them but they too will have time limits to get things dealt with and by the time any AGM's can be held all my issues and yours will be time barred. So I refer back to my original post on how things need to be dealt with so the federation's business can be attended to without extending the length of term the current officials are in office. Change is absolutely imperative and Covid-19 cannot be used as an excuse to avoid the changes that are so desperately needed In our Fed. If needed, which I doubt, then a requisite number of signatures can be gathered to force postal voting, just as I would normally do to force an EGM to get the changes made. There are many ways to skin a cat and I believe there is enough Will in the Fed to find a Way to continue with Fed business and have newly elected officials dealing with it. That at the end of the day is all that really matters to our members right now and other factors will be ignored. For once I'm not alone on these things because others put pen to paper trying to get things changed and want to vent their frustrations at a meeting but its not going to happen, certain not this year and extremely doubtful before next spring. Imo
  2. So what do you have to say that cannot be put into writing at club level and conveyed at a delegate meeting that needs to be said at an AGM orange an EGM ?? These meetings are for the election of officials and any changes to the rules that are needed. Easily voteddays) to come together and deal with it. Them Why not ??
  3. I’ve seen that on YouTube, hen sitting ybs and spots another one approaching the area. Didn’t look at the residents nest it was just passing through. The hen on the nest took off and disappeared. Within about 30 seconds or so it hit the other one from above almost decapitating it. Then simply returned to the nest sitting the Ybs again. Hard to describe the way it returned to the nest but it neither looked up nor down as it settled back onto its Ybs.
  4. JohnQuinn


    Good Luck Davie hope you have a great race with excellent returns ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  5. Most clubs can hold a meeting with the Fed secretary sending out all proposals to the club secretaries. Each proposition is voted on at club level with the fors and againsts counted at the delegates meeting. The club delegates could easily have a meeting and votes counted in the presence of all club representatives. The results of each vote is forwarded to the club secretaries who call another meeting to inform the members of the outcome of each individual vote. Everything transparent and the members would more than likely get more of a say in the running of their fed than ever before at AGM's. Because for one reason or another they cannot or do not attend. Usually find a lot dont attend because of the bile spewed out by people who don't know how to conduct themselves at a meeting. They go to speak and are shouted down because their opinion differs from those who can only be described as bullies and they'd rather do without a say by attending the meeting only to be aggressively critcised for having their own thoughts on things. So meetings are possible, results that reflect the Majority of members wishes can be carried without the need for an AGM.
  6. History will be made this week in Lanarkshire Fed. Such are the losses there will only be 2 marking stations because the projected entry is going to be so few that to maintain the integrity of the race the only way to to meet the required numbers of fanciers present to process the birds into the race the decision has been taken to mark at just 2 clubs. This is to be our Yb open race too and my guess is there will be less than 50 members sending to it, perhaps as few as 30, each with a limited number of birds because they're all lost and what fanciers have left for next yeas Ob program will see another record set for the lowest number of entries for the entire Ob season. The entry for the YBN this week from Sec's E and F (maybe more sec's) will witnout doubt reflect on this too. Say what you like but the saturation of raptors in the UK as a whole makes Yb racing about as near cruelty to them as is possible and yet the claim is we all Love our birds and our hobby. Well if we have no birds left to race then our hobby is out the window. Something realistic and drastic has to happen now and if the unions won't enforce change then it has to be done at local level by the fedrations. If No yb racing is unacceptable to too many fanciers then the number of races has to be halved at least. Enogh to educate them and few enough so fanciers have decent teams going into sason 2022. I'm not interested in all the talk of taking direct action not our own hands because that in NOT a realistic option, if it were it would have happened long ago. I've done the pea shooter at the moon, a very apt description of a few guys training latebrefs to address it, but its a hopeless exercise with miniscule effect. If you're fingers are crossed that we can carry on like normal and things aren't as bad next year then uncross them because its gonna be worse as has been the pattern especially over the past 10yrs. Think back to 6 weeks ago and visualise your yb team and feel the optimism you had at that time for them and their future racing career and see what you're left with, is it really how you imagined it would look back then ?? Think of the time and money spent breeding and preparing them for racing and ask yourself has it all been worth it ?? The time for change has arrived whether you/we like it or not.
  7. Ye said the first wan ye took out was lousy so ye “tipped them out in disgust†but ye were able to separate them into P birds from the others and liberate them at different locations. So make yer mind up did ye check the numbers or not. A half wit wouldn’t treat birds like that and as I don’t know ye fae Adam someone who does reliably informed me ye did no such thing and that’s why you can’t evidence bringing them up by posting the ring numbers. The way you describe treating them gives credence to the latter and does your character no favours whatsoever. I was stray officer for 7 years and accepted birds in all states and it never killed me to take their numbers and inform people what became of their birds, which is the whole point of the exercise. I’m sure any birds you purport to transport up or down the country will be thankful they don’t end up in your hands in future and likewise their owners if what you say has any foundations to it.
  8. No offence meant whatsoever John I'm not that familiar with many otherwise household names in the fancy. Superb team performance in those conditions at the weekend, hat off to you ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  9. Never fae me Stuart, not ever. Arguably everyone got it wrong on Satuday there because yesterday was hands down a better race day by a parks length. However as ive said many times a good day for doos is also a good day for percy, no win situation that we all find ourselves in hence my post about time tae stop racing our ybs for a while to see if it improves the situation. Better than doing nothing at all and imo nothing at all is what will be done.!!!
  10. Aye and it stuck way me because it was out of character for you to criticise another controller. Because as you said you've made bad calls yersel and everyone knows its a job that has little to no thanks attached to it. And its Barclay's first gig so a wee post of encouragement fae ye would imo been more in line way ye.
  11. The lice wouldn’t have killed you so the least you could have done was noted the numbers of the birds you supposedly brought up the road
  12. Big well done to Mr & Mrs Harry Keddie too who have raised the profile of the borders Fed and fanciers since taking on the responsibility of joint Secretary, bet there’s plenty fighting in that hoose !!!
  13. Must admit not a familiar name to me but well done John Gibson, superb race in the most difficult of conditions ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  14. Nae wonder you’d think it was a difficult question. Getting baskets delivered tomorrow morning and wanted a rough idea if I need 2 or 20 !!
  15. Correct me if I’m wrong Stuart but last week when Glasgow had a mare of a race it was all down to human error. Barclay (though not named) is race controller which is where blame is placed when there is a bad race. But this week it’s just yer luck ??? Known ye a long time and you’ve been consistent aw the time I have but ye need tae make yer mind up here, both races were in almost identical conditions and birdage was near as damn the same so was it bad luck last week or bad race controlling and was it bad luck this week or bad controlling. ?? Ye know fine I’m no looking tae criticise race controllers or for that matter friends !! But ye need tae be consistent ??
  16. expletive remove don’t aw rush in at wance
  17. YBN this week with Sec E basketting at Uddingston club rooms again. How many of you guys are sending and approximately how many will you send ??
  18. Going by the above posts if ye take a pen and draw a line across a map fae Angus tae Ayrshire add up everything South of the line and there’s no 2,500 birds racing into that full section of the country.
  19. Add Dundee, Angus, SNRPC and Lanarkshire together and its under 1700 birds.
  20. if we all sent he would most likely win anyway, scudded us all year OB's and Ybs.
  21. No doubt Derek, turned south as soon as they were libbed so a tail wind right tae Eastbourne before they stopped then about turn and get back up the road. Earned a perch fir sure
  22. So are we racing ybs next year or no 🙈
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