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  1. I would beat Harrison ma self, he's the biggest coward ever to go into the ring, worse than Bugner!....How you doing Mick?
  2. Don't know where you are but the vets around Lanarkshire know nothing about doos, they'll still take your cash though! Get a hold of a local fancier with experience before you spend money on the vets best guess, the fancier WILL help and probably knows more about the birds than the vet.
  3. Sorry the guys got empty seats, was the same yesterday at Newmains for the Marie Curie nurses charity sale. Some of them still made good money though, averaged just over £30 a pen so it wasn't a total waste, hope the ones who attended today were bidding well.
  4. Be careful you don't know if you'll want to thank them or poke their eye with a sharp stick for sending it back!! lmao couldn't resist
  5. Doesn't matter how anyone else got on i'd be gutted if my birds 1st race had bad returns & so spread out. They birds have run into trouble somewhere along the route. I know it was 119 miles for them but even so i would expect them all home in an hour or so. I'll have at least 8 latebreds away this weekend to 80 miles, they're all being trained from 30 miles, ck's one day hens next, i fully expect to see them all back sharpish but if its a tightener i would still expect them back in race time. I take them every year and treat them the same as the rest when it comes training/racing time. I will lose more than half this season but the ones left will have 500 miles in them as 2 yr olds. Done it for years. I promise to post how i get on, and i tell it how it is, a red neck is nothing i can't handle. lol
  6. for all the difference it would make, and i do know where your coming from, you should have stuck 6 in the clock and sent your dad to the club with ot. When he got the vibes from the others he'd only want 2 in next time! Never fall out over them. Go and tell him your under pressure and he can clock as many as he wants in future. I'm sure part of the enjoyment in the birds comes from swharing the hobby with your dad anyway. Good luck and don't be hasty.
  7. Your birds look ready for the season. Love the Pd Kenyon Ck and its Black hen. Got the Jan Theelen doos my self, off Jim Hannah who got them from Taylor Bros Newbiggin by Sea. I think they do well with them. I've Only had them since 08 so will know better this season how well or otherwise i do with them. Best of luck to you.
  8. Had the hawk at my yb's today as well. I can only guess they are all there as i stopped counting yb's years ago when i couldn't sleep at night if 1 was missing. The same one hit my best 09 racing yb on Monday this week. No damage as i was on the spot, but i wasn,t around a month ago when one killed my yb national timer last year. Its getting out of hand.
  9. As some will have seen i managed to post a couple of reply,s in whatever you call that room!! Only now found this page and thought i ought to say HELLO. Ps. I'll get there in the end :-/
  10. The SHU have not NOW! decided to ban rings with lugs cut off. It has always been the case that if you tamper in ANY way with the life ring the bird is disqualified from competition. The rpra have moved their goalposts the shu, myself included, voted against changing the rule to allow this. The rpra should have had the foresight to offer members the choice of ring as we have, changing rules to accommodate very very few cannot be an option. That rule is very important.
  11. In response to those who are crying in their milk about the shu not allowing tampered rings to participate in shu recognised events. the rules were in place before these lugs appeared, rule states quite clearly that you cannot tamper in ANY way with the life ring. the union would be in a right mess if we changed the rules every time the bleaters put their nebs in. the shu will continue to offer members the choice of which rings they want for as long as is possible. end of!
  12. If i were starting in a months time i would be asking about for yb's now. Train them out to 30 or 40 mls, you've plenty of time yet to do this. Forget about a stock loft just now, have some fun with the race birds and, breed off the best of them and set about arranging for yb's out of the best lofts you can for next year. Rome wasn't built in a day, and a good team of pigeons will take 4 or 5 seasons to gather, patience is a must in this game as rushing often ends in disaster and an empty WALLET! Good luck to you and don't hesitate to ask for young birds.
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