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  1. Share your times and returns Plz.
  2. Very true but it's an undeniable fact SW Scotland down into NW England is the most densely populated area in Europe for them so it makes not an iota of sense tae lib doos in the very Heart of it.
  3. Georget after the lengths the committee went to get this program passed they canny change it or they would be humiliated. Yer right about East next year tae so nae earthly point in sending Ybs tae Longtowin, at least fae Appleby they have time to get on another line of flight that will be more like the line they will follow next year.
  4. Where is that Danny? Am heading tae chapelhall shortly so could drop in and see the guy
  5. JohnQuinn

    Spray Painter

    Had a wee bump in my car a few weeks back. Tried tae buy colour matched spares with no luck so am looking for someone to spray paint a bumper and bonnet ASAP as the car I've a loan of is needed by its owner.
  6. Have tae agree way Mick they've been great way me tae Duncan. Suppose the law of averages means some people will be let doon occasionilly
  7. Aye canny see anything getting done Watty considering how this program was forced onto the members.
  8. Glad ye finally got sorted Harry. Rab was telling me about the bother you've had trying to get the move/sale completed but at least it's behind you now. Atvb in your new home. ðŸ‘
  9. That may well be the case Derek and I don't doubt you for a minute...but you are an exception tae the rule. The difference between Glasgow fae Dunbar and us fae Longtown was day and night and the Only thing that could have caused the difference was the lib point/route. Both convoys were in the baskets for approx same length of time, if anything Glasgow doos were in their motor longer, they also faced the same heat when racing so that canny be the cause. Ye can be certain this year's birdage will be the Lowest on record for Lan Fed and it's because of the Incompetent program that was Forced onto us
  10. The proposer of this catastrophe of a program is going to Stobbs Camp way another Federation next weekend.......
  11. Even though that appeal wasn't about the route, East route tae Glasgow yezyerdsy near 100% returns. Up later so sat in baskets longer and clearly the Heat was Not a factor.
  12. Good going Derek, Jonesy has 8/9 but they were well strung out, average about 30mins between doos.
  13. Doos in Clydebank for 15:02 & Dumbarton 15:21, but early indications are they're strung out.
  14. Had him at 6/4 on Thursday, thought he was gonna do a Masters and throw it away at one point. Held his nerve this time though and was a worthy winner.
  15. A see Spieth has dropped a couple of shots and is in from 1/4 to 2/5. Kuchar is only 11/4 now within one shot of Spieth, the rest are any price.
  16. Mind the yellakapinkish round the edges Andy í ½í¸…
  17. Ye can take that as read, I was Pres at the time and it was Gareth who delivered it. This rubbish thst the SNFC can only use wicker is just that, rubbish. It was voted on at an AGM years ago but has never been brought back to the table since. What a lot will maybe not understand is a vote taken at an AGM is for 12 months only unless it is a constitutional matter that sTayside a rule until a 2/3rds majority over turn it. In order for the basket 'rule' to be carried forward it Must be voted on Annually or it is null and void. This committee or at least some of them Know this to be the case but say nothing because it suits them tae use wicker and actively Block any attempts the members make to change things.
  18. The present committee will do everything in their power to prevent the use of Geraldy transporters. Lan Fed hand delivered a quote that was hundreds of pounds cheaper than the current bill but it never even got considered with the committee saying the club can only use wicker baskets. It's not in the president's interest tae change either coz he gets an income from the transport so despite what we say on here or try to get passed at the AGM they will find an excuse to keep lining their own pockets. What imo is a big problem for fanciers who's birds go every week in Geraldy is the first experience of 2-3 nights in a basket is in wicker baskets which is alien to them so they go back in the basket before lib and ain't gonna be winning prizes or even getting home!!!
  19. Why is it Not decided at yer AGM?.....If it's because it would take too long tae get through all the business ye should have a Race Program AGM where the members decide and no just a committee. You'll no end up any happier but at least ye get tae vote.
  20. Only a wee jest, ye were right it was way early tae call but the way it was shaping a didnae think there could be any further north of that doo, especially when I seen how far in front of the two south birds it was. I didnae think of it at the time but when ye do think who's bird it was there aren't many gonna beat Jock with a doo so far out in front. If it was the likes of me then there was a Very good chance I woulda been caught.
  21. Great dooman and a great doo, Well Done Jock 👠ðŸ‘
  22. As it turned out maybe not so premature after all
  23. AT those numbers ye got off light Stiggy. Still guys way double fIgures missing fae Bedhampton. Same men have lost multiple SNFC prize winners fae the channel races and it'll take years tae get their teams back to full strength.
  24. I wouldn't bet on that......... Ypres, Alencon & Ancensis had a combined entry of just under 4000 birds...... around 8.5% made it home in race time and this committee will allow those responsible for this to control the race fae Falaise.and no doubt lose more birds.
  25. JohnQuinn

    Snrpc Arras

    Superb Vinnie well done ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
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