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  1. Price will determine whether or not fanciers will use it longer term. Do you have prices per 20/25kg that can be compared to other suppliers ??
  2. Reward ?? He corrupted the poor wumin way dragging her tae the pub at the home end :lol:
  3. A latebred dghtr from the Ck above enjoying the evening sun.
  4. Hope ye get over this soon Billy and hang in there. You won't want for more birds mate.
  5. They've now been out for a wee dash round the garden and back in again. Settled in to the loft no probs and fit right in with my own dark yins.
  6. Ave got 3 here off Joe last year Bill and they are Beauties, you will Not be disappointed whatever ye get from him.
  7. 2015 latebred Kipp Ck, a gift from DKJ.
  8. A hope Jonesy comes on and tells ye aboot his adventure yesterday, ye couldnae make it up :lol:
  9. Was a really nice wee guy, I went to buy an old Ck off of him and came away with them hen as well. I remember saying to him she would win a handling class that day and he said many had looked at her but no one put a bid in. He was packing them in and I think they were the last 2 doos in the loft.
  10. No too much luck way them here either Pat but ye always get the odd exception tae the rule. 😉
  11. Latebred Ck, full brother to 2nd Kettering 240mls and 1st Billericay 365mls. Pic taken 2 mins ago.
  12. Yip am good tae go, Not all of them !! but enough tae compete over the first few races with.
  13. Am no a clipe Higgy lolol...got her off Rab and he's no good way his left and right 😂
  14. Yearling Van Reet hen who is one of those birds that never loses condition.
  15. JohnQuinn


    Very well reared ybs all of them, but I fear the worst for the coloured ones up your way Brian!!! The strawberry mealy hen at the bittom would be my pick if there were Nae Percy's aboot, but seeing there are so pick the Dk Ch as most likely to succeed lol Very best of luck with them for the year ahead ðŸ‘
  16. Am easy way whenever you guys want tae play it.
  17. Nest sister to the Blue Pd above, their sire is a G/Son of Young Bandiet and Dam a Grondalaer hen out of Gerard Delaney direct stock.
  18. A bet Germany at 21/10 in play ^_^
  19. Vandenabeele x Grondalaer 2016 hen. Top breeding lines on both sides of her parentage but given her colour I fear the worst for her !!! Took a pair of Ybs out of her and pleased tae say there is a pencil Blue in the nest and a pencil Bl Pd but not nearly as much white as her, which was the desired outcome from the start
  20. Full sister to the Ch Wf hen above. Same racing plan as her sister too, their full Bro is my favourite from last year.
  21. Naw Pat she is out of a Tam Blair Ck down from Macaloney's Dream Pair crossed with this hen I bought at Blackpool from a private seller. Canny mind the details of her Pedigree
  22. Home bred 2016 Cheq Wf hen today. She had 3 races last year and will go to 300mls or the coast this year all going well !!!
  23. That's enough tae scunner anybody Brian, if they are ranging and coming back one short it's Percy who is taking them. If at the lofts it will most likely be the Sparra hen í ½í¸¡
  24. Equally good is this wee hen that Gavin made a gift of to me. She is closely related to a hen I have of theirs just now and I hope tae produce a wee family of club and Fed doos fae.
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