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  1. Took a run through tae Forfar the day tae pick up my charity sale Yb off Gavin Ferguson. Was a pleasure tae meet him and handle his race team which were outstanding across the board. This is the Yb from the sale and I am bowled over by the class of it, won't see a basket this year at least.
  2. Very sorry to read this news. As stated one of the best Ever in the West and up amongst the best country wide. RIP
  3. Thank you Sandy that's really nice and appreciated as are all the comments about my doos. In light of that al keep it going until I run out of doos tae show, could be a while right enough lol
  4. Sounds like you're runnin aboot way Jonesy the day 🤣 A love family gatherings and the darts is a great day oot, hope ye all have a great day ðŸ‘
  5. Today's pic is of a Yearling Kaanibal x Ck who Looks like he's got what it takes, time will tell !!
  6. Betting is 1/7 Golovkin 5/1 Jacobs, bookies are seldom That wrong but upsets do happen !!! especially if the underdog has a KO punch in their armoury.
  7. A never thought for a minute a was due anything because of the time it's been since I had any credit at all but.......I got this back and I'm still arguing my corner for approximately £3,200 more.
  8. You will most likely be due payment from them all Ryan. Doesn't matter who you are with now you are still entitled to recompense from Anyone you banked with previously. It applies to ALL credit agreements not just your bank, credit cards, store cards, car loans all come into the equation so get a claim in. Even if ye went bankrupt in the past you can still claim, it's about what you have paid not what you haven't paid !!!
  9. Ma claims go back 25yrs Paul so get a claim started mate, coz sure as yer erstwhile looks down you'll be due some compensation aff them.
  10. Just received a PPI compensation cheque in the post. Wondering if any other members successfully claimed for it ??
  11. So sorry for your loss Duncan, the only woman to ever truly love any man is his Mam. RIP
  12. Thanks Ryan & Andy, a was gonna make that my last one but al keep it going for now. Dghtr of my Ypres Section winner Equipoise.
  13. I had Bouver D'Air and Sizing John as winners Colin and had 4 placed runners over the week. After all the excitement and cursing ma bet365 acc is the princely sum of £2.50 Up !! 2 yrs ago I put £200 intae my account for the festival and done the lot by the Friday so I get how yer feelin now !!
  14. JohnQuinn


    Very typical of the Jan Aarden family, besta luck with them ðŸ‘
  15. JohnQuinn

    Gold Cup

    Cheers Duncan hope like me ye lumped on it :egyptian:
  16. JohnQuinn

    Gold Cup

    A went for my namesake Sizing John but Mullins' horses have hit top gear and the Fav Djakadam may well prevail.
  17. To finish my Blog I decided tae show you some of this year's hopefuls.
  18. A G/Son of my Ypres Section winner crossed with the Van De Pol (spelling??).
  19. Al keep that in mind Billy, something off him Not himself !! :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  20. A wee change today, this youngster is my LSC Exchange bird from T. Corrie son & G/Son. He is a treat in the lofts and isnae scared tae come to hand. Really lookin forward tae racing him.
  21. Do you know why they are so similar Alex?
  22. It's not for putting on a forum Geo, it will be in the secretary's hands within the stipulated 14 days and everyone else will know when the procedures are exhausted.
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