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  1. Ordinarily I wouldn't buy Grizzles or any coloured doos in Ryan but I handled George's Boy and he was the best handling bird I had picked up in an age so when the nest became available I bought them..... for the eyesign enthusiasts this guy has a corker in his head.
  2. I'll get some more group pics and post them up on the final day Paul ðŸ‘
  3. Aye Davy I work off my old Cattrysse family who are line bred back to 1988. These birds have been fantastic to me and others over the years and if I bring new stock in that I am a little unsure of they must cross with the Cattrysse doos first and if they don't produce they are let go.
  4. Another splash of colour from this Grizzle Ck who is direct from Budgie's good Ck George's Boy.
  5. You'll be too busy celebrating tae be takin pics lol
  6. 26th works for me tae........wee Vinnie taking in the scenery yesterday......the bushes are only 4'high :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  7. Ye were a treat tae play alongside and watch Craig, some of your golf was outstanding ðŸ‘
  8. For those interested this is the type of bird from Richard's loft. I also have a Bl Wf hen equal to this one.
  9. Aye yer Fin was stickin oot aw day 😂
  10. Cheers Gavin, she's bred nice ybs to score with 2 different Cks. Today's effort is a Direct son of Newbiggin Lass 1st Open SNFC Gold Cup when paired back to her own son.
  11. Ye played a superb back nine Stuart and have struck the front in the race for the Trophy 👠Need tae pair ye way Jonesy next time so he can talk ye aff yer game :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  12. A shoulda had a bet on the late stoppage 😩
  13. Thanks Mick, she's no made any mistakes but tbh a was surprised tae get her first, as she was always mid division on race day, but I guess she just needed the distance tae show her strength.
  14. The Frill hen, she was my timer from Ypres last year. All going to plan she will go to the Gold Cup this season.
  15. Was a pleasure to meet ye John and thanks for the wee tour of your lofts. Your birds are immaculate and I hope tae see ye at the Top of the SNFC results this season. Top man ðŸ‘
  16. Can ye no get South Feeds in Tommy, ?
  17. Here Here !!! she is a Super Star in the making no doubts about it , brilliant effort tonight and the 3000 final tomorrow ye grab another Gold......Aye f**kin jobsworth official no letting the lassie do a lap of honour :mad:
  18. Get some Sunflower Hearts or Peanuts intae them Duncan, either or both will get the weight back on them. Worth the expense if it gets them back tae themselves.
  19. Am using Versa Laga and am happy way it Duncan. Think they're aw pretty much the same mix just different quantities of grains from different suppliers.
  20. Think this is a real 50/50 fight. If Haye hadn't retired I woulda said him early doors but I reckon Bellew will win on points or a late late stoppage. Should be a good fight regardless of result though.
  21. Interesting you mention the Boss birds Ryan. Over the years I've noticed when the Boss goes down another Ck will rise up and start putting good performances in that were nowhere to be seen before the alpha male went done. Ps. Enjoying yer blog ðŸ‘
  22. I bought this Jan Aarden hen off of a site member from Stonehaven, am bad for names but I think his name is Mike. She is dam to 2nd club Kettering 240mls & 1st club Billericay 365mls, money well spent !! ...(pic taken today)
  23. Ta Bill, am gonny need them way the proposed program we have.
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