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  1. He is a Topper Ryan, cracking lookin Ck ðŸ‘
  2. There were also 5 race points on the proposal that are Not RPRA recognised lib sites. At least someone produced a paper with them listed. I proposed the program be thrown out for lack of clarity and lack of details provided by the proposer but I was telt tae sit doon it was gettin voted on regardless. The convoying side of the proposal is Always only considered if they dates coincide, the Meat of the proposal is the dates and race points so the convoying would not overrule the elected dates/racepoints.
  3. Really enjoy all the LSC nights and thought Davie was an excellent guest, his Open and Honest answers were both refreshing and enlightening. ðŸ‘
  4. Oops never seen Davy's post
  5. Nowt as strange as folk John !!!
  6. The proposal above won the vote by a mile Dunc, something like 53 votes for and 30odds against, never counted but it looked about that tae me.
  7. I disagreed with it all Davie, a wanted the status quo, but all it took was a wee bit of savvy and they coulda had everything they wanted. As it is they undone themselves and everyone else by voting it in en block. I actually think a lot of members had no idea what the consequences of that vote was gonna be, the proposer included.
  8. Thanks John, nearly all pics taken since mid/late Nov so am pleased way how they've wintered.
  9. The Airdrie proposal should have been withdrawn when the SNFC set our (SNFC) program for the year. If they HAD withdrawn it and took the vote race by race, we (Fed) woulda still been going West and they coulda voted in a program compatible with the SNFC. These are the races and dates they will be flown on.
  10. Thanks for putting them up the correct way Andy, tried and failed ma sel lol His pedigree would fit in tae anybody's loft imo
  11. 2016 latebred....Sire 11 L 16164, home bred from Son of Better Still 1st Open SNFC Gold Cup x Jim Cullen Ref. C hen, SNFC Silver award winner with 4 wins from 565mls to 619mls. Dam 13 CA The DKJ Hen dam of Sweet Pea my Reims hen. Took this late bred specifically tae put to the Reims hen.
  12. 2016 hen full sister to Sweet Pea my Reims hen.
  13. Aye Pat I put her up on Bilit's thread, she's a gift pigeon from Jim Cullen of Uddingston Club.
  14. Back to a wee colour today with this Super Red Pd hen. She handles every bit as well as she looks.
  15. Woulda took me a lifetime tae work that oot lolol
  16. You'll need tae tell us (me anyway!) what the abreviated title stands for George ?
  17. Need tae get more pics taken Ryan as I'm running out of them.... this pic was taken in the summer and she looks much better now she has matured. She won a ticket in 3 TTW classes at the shows but not handling. Personally I think she handles beautifully so was surprised at this.
  18. Young Staf Van Reet hen today, gift pigeon from Rab Anderson (STB) of Kirkintilloch.
  19. Probably the most positive program I have seen on the box about us and our doos. Pointed oot the probs of streeters but gave a true'ish picture of what it's like tae keep them and highlighted what they done to save soldiers and airmen during the two wars.
  20. Just followed suit and ordered mine too Lindsay....Ps cheers for putting thread up, I had given up on the Colombovac ever coming back in the market ðŸ‘
  21. Aye Bill, all apples picked direct from the tree !!
  22. It's fair to say they have their own Macaloney strain of pigeons. Blend of WLG, Vandenabeele, van dyke, Ceusters and Kruger.
  23. Thought I'd stick with Joe Spiers' breeding .... this young hen came with the Ck in the previous pic. As soon as he handed her to me I decided she wasn't gonna see the inside of a basket. She is simply outstanding in the hand.
  24. Brilliant Stuart !!! A huge well done tae yer lassie, al be sure tae buy it when it gets released👠Don't be shy reminding us all when it comes out....we'll be in full on Yb mode come July 17th so you'll forgive us forgetting lol ðŸ‘
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