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  1. Nae hesitation, GWP Macaloney if I was looking for Club and Fed doos.....Davie Jamieson for distance/National Doos
  2. 2015 hen as yet tae be bred from, same boat as the Blue above.
  3. 2015 Vandenabeele Stock Ck who hasn't been used yet due to limited nest boxes.
  4. Maybe something you haven't heard before . (Hope the link works😳)
  5. Ye must be very proud tae have 4 generations around ye Lindsay, Congratulations tae all the family ðŸ‘
  6. Nest sister tae yesterday's hen.
  7. Very late the day but here is a 2016 latebred DeWeert x Van Geel.
  8. A hope that's no a reference tae me Tam, I don't hide fae nae c**t. This is my response and it's already in the post.
  9. expletive remove Jim, for aw the spelling mistakes on this site ye dig me for no spellin a foreign name right lmao 😂 Ps. Al research it am no takineyer word for it lololol
  10. Pic just taken the other day too Andy, before I moved her first nest of the year. She disnae take a great pic but she is always in good order and is possibly the best handling bird in my lofts.
  11. Bruggerman hen given to me by DKJ. Dam of Sweet Pea my 2016 Reims timer.
  12. It woulda needed tae be too loud for my Entire swing tae match you :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  13. Great blog Ryan, really hope ye manage tae keep it going throughout the season to read your thoughts as the races approach every week.
  14. Am way Vinnie, a weeks postponement Jonesy.
  15. Am sure his Sire won Bourges in the club 3 yrs running but Ken would know better than me, I'm no one for pedigrees and rarely look at them twice. So long as I like the doo am no fussed way the Ped and I Really like this guy.
  16. Ch Wf Ck bred by R & K Dodds (Ken) from their Bourges winning family.
  17. So what's the race program ??
  18. Wee bit colour this time...2013 J & I Alston hen I raced as a Yb but then put her aside for stock because the ybs out of her are terrific.
  19. This is a Direct Jap Van Alpen hen, nice eye in her head for those who like eyesign. Handles on the small side but is all there. Due to having way too many stock doos I only used her for the first time last year and have a nice Dk Ch Wf hen out of her going into this season.
  20. The wee hen is a stunner Billy, 2 well reared ybs ðŸ‘
  21. 2016 Boxford Buschaert Ck bred by Jim Cullen. I put him up with the yrlg hen I got from Ypres tae see how they go. I like tae take some out my race team every year and I'll keep a pair out of this mating tae race.
  22. Good idea Ryan, will be a great insight for members to how you work day to day with yer team. ðŸ‘
  23. 2016 Van Dyke (spelling?) hen bred by Rab Anderson. She has a classic apple bodied shape in the hand and I canny help but like her.
  24. Ye need somebody tae help ye oot Jonesy. When yer day shift they would be letting them oot for ye in the mornin and afternoon when yer back shift. Ye know yersel routine routine routine is a must and workin they shifts it wid be practically impossible tae get a good routine on yer todd.
  25. Cheers guys I appreciate all your comments, the top pic is after the moult (almost) and the other was about a week before she went across the water.
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