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  1. Cheers Dougie, no long noo tae I find them oot !!
  2. A wee bit colour today, from the late Alex Allison's breeding. This hen was a gift and the sire made £700 at the clearance sale.
  3. Cheers MIK, need tae get the phone out this weekend tae keep it going, think I've only one saved pic left now.
  4. I had the great privilege of meeting Eddie when a young lad and the impression he made on me has lasted until this day and will remain so. RIP Eddie your legacy in Scottish pigeon racing will out live us all.
  5. It's always sunny in Craigneuk Andy :emoticon-0136-giggle: pic taken Sunday past.
  6. We still do the exchange in the Social Circle with £10 entry and we race for the money but this idea is not to run a competition it's just for the sake of bringing in new stock with no obligation to race the birds exchanged.
  7. Cheq Pd stock hen from Billy Allison of Cambuslang
  8. I was thinking that instead of having to pay money to get a decent cross into yer lofts members could exchange birds. Everyone I know buys in birds every year to try to improve his team. Instead of buying we could swap with each other. No quite sure what format it would take but ideally ye could organise a few swaps with different fanciers. Could also have it's own forum (if Archie approves) with those wishing to be part of it put our names on the forum and ye contact the fancier/s with an offer to exchange a pair. If ye get approached but have already agreed with some others then a polite decline should suffice without anyone falling out over it. Any Thoughts ??
  9. Don't know exact distance but Noorderkempen, Bouwel or Wolfstee are in close proximity to it.
  10. Thank you Bilit, luck is the word these days too. !!
  11. Aye Bilit they're for the road, all going to plan they will go to 250mls then they'll be ready for anything next year.
  12. Ideal Derek, car going in Friday morning be back for Saturday and al get in touch ðŸ‘
  13. 2016 Ck bred by my great friend Ian Lindsay of the Lindsay & Henderson partnership.
  14. Al take them Derek and give ye the £50 yer asking for. Gonna be building a new loft this year and plan to have floor grills. Pick up at the weekend if ok ?
  15. Aherrm.......3million x 30million = £90,000,000 👀 😉
  16. I bought her on the Sunday afternoon at Blackpool Pat and she was covered in Sheeite carrying 9 nest flights. I liked a Ck the guy was selling but it was too rich for me and she is a full sister to that one so I asked tae handle her and she was a wee diamond in the hand so I took her. She is dam to these 2 X with a Tam Blair Ck down from the Dream Pair. Have another 2 off her from last year tae which I like also.
  17. Dk Cheq stock hen who was only used last year for the first time. She left some nice ybs too.
  18. Heard on the radio he is back at Celtic coz of work permit probs at Blackburn.
  19. A hit the post button by accident before I had finished the post and tried tae retrieve it and edit right away Ian. There may be a good reason for time limiting but if there is giggery pokery by some members altering other guys posts block them altogether and let us edit our own posts.....Jmo no want tae start a rammy over it.
  20. I keep getting the message I cannot edit my posts and it's a pain in the A**e, anyone else ???
  21. Stock hen today bred by Flying Fifer/Smiler on the site and bought by TheHigg who made a gift of her to me last year when he finished up. Very happy with the ybs she has produced so far, so I bought their pigeon in Archie's charity sale hoping for something just as good.
  22. Evidence of all your hard work paying off Ally, Well Done ðŸ‘
  23. Yer welcome Ally, 3 of the best I could offer so I hope they overcome the difficult route into Oban for ye ðŸ‘
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