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  1. Well the final outing has come and gone and it only leaves us to say a Massive Thank You to Paul Chatterton for sending trophies over for us to play for. That's what you call going the extra mile for others👠👠Final result was a very closely run afair with Hotrod going into the final round with a one point lead over Jonesy to defend, yours truly was just a further 3 points behind. On a score of 135 Jonesy Bhoy and JohnQuinn tied for first place with Hotrod finishing on 133. After Jonesy tossed his two tailed coin he won the first prize and trophy, donated by Paul with me getting the bridesmaids trophy. To the guys playing I would just say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and really want to see this taking place annually. Pics to follow.
  2. J J & M Gillon take 1st, 2nd & 3rd club. In at 10:54 winner doing 1066ypm.
  3. Hi Danny, What factor makes you think "John" put that post up
  4. When I bought Jimmy's Lot in the recent charity auction I never imagined how well it would turn out. We chatted on the phone and instead of Ybs Jimmy sent up this pair so I can breed my own right away.....result or what !! Thank You very very much Jimmy I'm delighted with them. ðŸ‘
  5. Am good ye go Jonesy, and aye just book somewhere for my celebration meal :emoticon-0140-rofl:
  6. On this subject where is the best place to buy in Bulk from. ?? Looking to get 1 Ton made up of around 70% of one mix and another 30% of straits & additional mixes like trapping mix, hormoform, peanuts and the like, all advice welcome.
  7. Early Swallows = early summer ??
  8. Used tobacco stalks for years with no lice Jim, used straw last year and ma doos were lousy. I put it down tae the straw
  9. An they say a fool and their money are soon parted!!! Well done mate great we lift for yeðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  10. Ye still tipped it first Jamie and hopefully a couple of the guys bet it...hope ye pick up soon mate, mind don't be too proud tae ask for help, you'd be first in line tae help someone elseðŸ‘
  11. One for Arthur does the business for bigjamie and Buster not to mention Scotland :scotland:
  12. Think Crewneck has a better chance Duncan
  13. Who's having a wager on the National tomorrow and what's yer fancies?? A bet Tenor Nivernais about 6 weeks ago at 40's and expected its price tae tumble but it put in a snide run at Kelso since and a reckoned i needed another runner if my interest is gonny last the full race. Cause of Causes is now lumbered with that expectation.
  14. There's always wan lmao
  15. The appeal is with the SHU but their bucket is leaking and I have been told the result (unofficially) and the grounds for that result. The program will be the dogs dinner ye got served at the 2nd meeting.
  16. No Duncan you're not reading it right, the appeal has nothing to do with West or East.
  17. I've had a few asking what is happening with the appeal process. The letter was handed in to the Fed a week past Thursday and the officials have 10 days to respond to it and forward to the SHU.
  18. Bargains to be got at 1 of them, which one is the question?? :emoticon-0138-thinking:
  19. The Blue Cheq in pic 3 for me, but tae be fair any one of them could get yer vote.
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